The recent birthday girl Chiquis Rivera has been living the good life for a few days because she has just increased one more number at her age, since on Sunday, June 26, she turned 37 years old, celebrating in a big way, going with her family, friends and boyfriend to Dominican Republic to be happy and relax.

She showed off in different outfits showing off her new figure, because a smaller waist and her prominent back charms, even in a beach suit, self-confident and very proud, so in her Instagram stories she modeled a flowery set of the iconic brand Victoria’s Secret attaching the link so that your followers can acquire it.

Composed of two pieces, a white crop-top with blue and yellow details, an excellent decision to go to the beach or the pool with a flirty detail of having bare shoulders, while at the bottom, a long skirt with two daring openings one on each side that gave a glimpse of her flirtatious legs, fitted at the waist, making her look smaller.

Chiquis Rivera She showed off her natural brown hair, with its soft waves, giving away a walk so that her more than five million followers could appreciate how beautiful she looked in such a beautiful garment, since the skirt had the same pattern and the same range of colors as the top, perfectly accentuating the curvaceous figure of the interpreter of “The honor”.

Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera

Many of her followers noticed that she has lost a lot of weight, the eldest daughter of the Diva de la Banda has always been sure of her silhouette and proud of it, however, she has been the victim of ridicule and strong criticism regarding her physique, since In a recent interview during her visit to Mexico, she told the journalist that in the pandemic she gained a lot of weight, because she felt depressed by the confinement and especially because she was going through a difficult time, her divorce.

Well, although they only lasted a few months married, separating was not easy, she told everything in her second book that is under the name of “Invincible”telling her version of the events and how that terrible experience was for her that was reflected in her weight, however, although it has not been easy over time and with the help of exercise, she was losing that extra weight and her heart has a new owner.

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