Chiara Nasti

Chiara Nasti publishes a shot in a bikini on InstagramChiara Nasti publishes a shot in a bikini on Instagram

Influencer Chiara Nasti posted a Hot photo shot on her official Instagram profile , featuring a seductive animalier bikini from the Plumee Three brand worn by her.

Chiara Nasti and the animalier bikini: fans in raptures

On Saturday 12 March 2022, the splendid Chiara Nasti published a new Post on her Instagram profile , which contains a photo of her in a bikini , not just a swimsuit, but an element of the new animalier collection of the Plumee Three brand , which Chiara manages together with her sister Angela.

It goes without saying that the photo has literally thrilled the fans of the influencer, who has a following of almost 2 million followers on Instagram alone .

The end of the relationship with Nicolò Zaniolo and the love story with Zaccagni.

The young influencer from Campania has long since ended her romantic relationship with the footballer Nicolò Zaniolo and is now engaged with the well-known Lazio footballer Mattia Zaccagni .

Chiara ‘s beauty over time has captivated many men, but only with Zaccagni does the girl seem to have finally found what she had been looking for for some time, that is, a person who appreciates her for what she is.

How is the relationship between Chiara Nasti and Mattia Zaccagni going?

The love story between Chiara Nasti and Mattia Zaccagni, made official in December 2021 , seems to be proceeding smoothly , the influencer has repeatedly declared to her fans that he has finally found “the perfect guy for her” and he on the other hand seems to think exactly the same thing. There is therefore no shadow of a crisis on the horizon.

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