• Celia Lora and Lizbeth Rodríguez, “the infidel hunt”, posed from the bed and with seductive red lingerie, with which they completely paralyzed the hearts of their social network followers

Celia Lora set fire to social networks by posing again with a voluptuous model, this time it was Lizbeth Rodríguez who accompanied her in a series of hot images in which both wore their voluptuous silhouettes in lingerie that left very little to the imagination.


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The Mexican model continues to attract attention for her daring photo sessions that she performs, whether with daring swimsuits or lingerie that, as usual, end up causing all kinds of reactions. And it is that for the millions of fans of her it is not enough to appear in the pages of Playboy magazine in which she debuted more than 10 years ago, where she quickly managed to position herself as one of the favorites thanks to her voluptuous figure.

Despite the fact that she is one of the darlings of the print media, Celia has also positioned herself on the list of celebrities who monopolize all eyes on social networks thanks to the suggestive images that she enjoys sharing.

This is how she recently heated up her official Instagram profile by sharing a series of photographs in which she did not pose alone, because on this occasion she decided to provoke emotions with the host Lizbeth Rodríguez.

The spectacular duo posed with seductive red lingerie, with which they completely paralyzed the hearts of a significant number of followers. In the first shot that starred the fiery duo, both took by surprise when they found themselves face to face while revealing part of her exuberant silhouette.

True to their usual uncovering, both shared a second shot in which, from the bed and with their backs to the camera, they revealed one of the most revealing angles of their respective figures.

“Come with us and leave your land behind”, was how they described the postcard that in just a couple of hours received more than 126 thousand heart-shaped reactions, in addition to hundreds of messages in which their admirers confirmed how beautiful they look .

For her part, the presenter known as the “unfaithful hunt”, turned to her social profile to share a snapshot in which she was about to rip off Celia Lora’s clothing, to captivate about 300 thousand users who stayed with the desire to see more postcards like these, but surely in the coming days they will continue with the waste of sensuality.

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