Carmen Villalobos does her thing again on Instagram by posing in an outfit that highlights her curves

Carmen Villalobos is one of the actresses and presenters who has earned the love of her followers through social networks and is constantly sharing content so that her most loyal fans stay informed of what she is doing with her work or what she enjoys in her life. Personal life.

It is common in recent weeks to see Carmen Villalobos posing from the set of ‘Top Chef VIP’, Telemundo’s reality cooking show in which various celebrities from the world of entertainment participate, in which she is the presenter.

On this occasion, the actress and host posed wearing a red outfit, with a top and short shorts, a look that she complemented with cream-colored heels. Her straight hair with golden sparkles adorned the look of this day for the Colombian. With this publication she got more than 195,000 likes in just 22 hours.

In the text that accompanied the photograph, Villaobos invited viewers not to miss the new episode of “Top Chef VIP”, since it was one in which she would have been eliminated. The contestant eliminated on this occasion was Héctor Suarez Gomís.

A few weeks ago Carmen Villalobos revolutionized social networks by posing from the same set of ‘Top Chef VIP’, mounted on a table. On that occasion, the Colombian wore a long skirt suit with a side opening that allows her legs to show off, accompanied by a small top of the same color. With these photos, she got more than 84,960 likes on Instagram.

“Cooking is making edible pieces of love”, is the message that appears on one of the walls in front of which the Colombian posed.

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