Camilo receives threats and strong criticism for his song “Machu Picchu” with Evaluna

Camilo receives threats and strong criticism for his song “Machu Picchu” with Evaluna

The most recent song of the couple unleashed the fury of Internet users, who did not hesitate to say what they think.

Evaluna and Camilo have been in the middle of controversy over their relationship, as they have received criticism on social networks from Internet users who qualify as “excessive” the samples of love that the couple gives, especially the singer to his wife.

Although on more than one occasion Camilo has dedicated the lyrics of his songs to his wife, Evaluna Montaner, the criticism had never been turned against him as happened on this occasion with their most recent release together.

Threats and criticism of Camilo 

This time it was not the couple who received criticism on social networks, it was their most recent song “Machu Picchu” which was filled with criticism and other comments in the official video, overshadowing those who claimed to be delighted with the song.

The official YouTube video was plagued with negative comments about the song, although not precisely about the lyrics but about the name of the song that provoked the ire of Internet users, especially those from Peru, where Machu Picchu is located.

Although most of the comments are launched against the title of the song and Internet users say they are offended about it, others have threatened the singer to go further and denounce him for using the name of what is considered a wonder of the modern world.

Camilo in trouble? 

So far the singer has not given statements about the criticism that has rained down to the title of his song, but he said he was happy about the launch of this song that he performs with his wife Evaluna.

Internet users have threatened to report the video to be blocked if Camilo does not change the name, some recommended one related to the lyrics of the song: “Tell me what you saw.”

The lyrics of “Machu Picchu” is not related to the place in Peru and the main theme is the love of a couple, which has bothered Internet users even more since the place is only mentioned once.

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