Camila Cabello announced that she will move away from social networks until the arrival of 2022. Through an Instagram history, Shawn Mendes’ ex-partner indicated that he wants to detox from the cyber world.

“We’re going to detox a bit from social media until New Years. I just want to spend less time on my phone this week. I love you all”Hair wrote on his social network.

The latest publication of Camila Cabello On his Instagram profile was a photograph of her mother, who had her birthday on December 25.

“You really taught me what love and generosity are like, the most important things in life: kindness, empathy, compassion and caring for people”, expressed at the time.

Camila Cabello starts the year without Shawn Mendes

The singer of the song “Havana” announced the end of her relationship with Shawn Mendes at the beginning of November.

The official statement was released through the artists’ social networks, where they both signed.

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