Cameron Diaz explains why she walked away from acting

Cameron Diaz explains why she walked away from acting

Cameron was clear that leaving acting her priorities would change significantly. However, she had not planned to stop working and looked for a way to do it from home.

This is how ‘Avaline’, her own wine brand, emerged. Together with the businesswoman Katherine Power, the actress launched a white wine and a rosé made with organic grapes from the Penedès. In her social networks, Diaz shares images touring the vineyards where she learned to work the land.

But when will she return to acting? Diaz admits that it is her passion although she never thought about dedicating herself to it. Now, she could do it for life but she recognizes that her energy is no longer the same.

Cameron started out as a model but in the blink of an eye she was already the star of blockbuster movies. There are more than 20 tapes on her résumé that have given her enormous satisfaction, award nominations and close friends.

For now, she is dedicated body and soul to her daughter because “I couldn’t imagine leaving her or changing her for days of 14 hours or more of filming.” Although there is nothing written, Cameron assures that ‘she will never say never’. But on whether or not she will return to the film sets, the actress is blunt in her response.

“I don’t want to do it, but will I? I do not know”. Taking the counts, Cameron Diaz’s last film was ‘Annie’ in 2014. Hopefully she will surprise us again soon.

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