• Britney Spears assured that Jennifer Lopez would not have endured everything that she lived under the guardianship of her father.

At the end of last year, Britney Spears was able to obtain her freedom, after spending 13 years under the guardianship of her father Jamie Spears, who was in charge of controlling her professional and personal life.

Despite the fact that she is now completely free, the singer continues to remember that difficult stage of her life and recently she shared a reflection of what she lived through, where she mentioned Jennifer Lopez.

Through her Instagram stories, Spears stated that Jennifer López’s family would never have allowed the Puerto Rican to suffer everything she experienced at the hands of her father and her relatives.

“I would like to see someone telling Jennifer Lopez that she has to sit around eight hours a day, seven days a week, without a car. I would like to see a team of managers telling Jennifer Lopez that she has to put up with everything I had to put up with. What the hell do you think I would have done? Her family would never have allowed it”, she expressed.

In her harsh message, the interpreter of ‘Toxic’ pointed out the pain that her own family caused her by keeping her locked up, denying her freedom throughout the almost 14 years of guardianship, for which she indicated that “everything has been ruined” for she.

“After almost 14 years receiving a ‘no’ for an answer to everything I wanted. Everything has been ruined for me. But the worst part was that my family had me locked up in that place for months. Jesus Christ!” she stated.

Likewise, she revealed that they forced her to remove the doors of her home, so that everyone could see her “change naked and bathe”, something that made her feel really “humiliated”; in addition to the fact that they took away her medication to be able to drug her with lithium.

On several occasions, the so-called ‘Princess of pop’ has spoken of the mental consequences that she currently suffers from her father’s guardianship, assuring that she will always be “traumatized” by everything she lived through.

“I will always be traumatized by my past experience for life. There is no way to fix myself, my emotions and my sensibilities. I think I will need some kind of miracle for my emotions, ”she wrote on her social networks some time ago.

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