Brielle Biermann shares shocking photos of swollen lips after jaw surgery last year

Brielle Biermann shares shocking photos of swollen lips after jaw surgery last year

Brielle Biermann has shown how her lips swelled up following her jaw surgery and how she had to have her injections dissolved before the operation.

Brielle Biermann, 25, shares the hardships she endured after her jaw surgery last year. Not only is the surgery itself a daunting process, but the aftermath has been equally difficult for Brielle. She posted a photo of herself turning off the camera while her lips and the rest of her lower face were as swollen as they could get. “Never forget when I looked like this,” she wrote along with the photo on her Instagram Story. “2 days after double jaw surgery.

Brielle Biermann shares shocking photos of swollen lips after jaw surgery last year

Brielle even clarified that her lips weren’t very big due to her lip injections, as she had to have them removed before the operation. “Let it be known that I had no lip injections at this time,” she wrote, along with another photo of her swollen face and locked jaw. “I had to dissolve everything before surgery, which was ab**ch. She also said that because she had a wired jaw, she had to go on an all-liquid diet, which caused her to lose 15 pounds and was “not happy.”

She shared that she had the surgery in August 2021. At that time, she posted more photos of her dramatic recovery from the surgery and explained why she had the surgery in the first place. “sooooo… i had double jaw surgery on august 23rd to correct my tmj overbite & 9mm overjet. it was NOT for aesthetics but for quality of life,” she explained.

“I sucked my thumb until I was 9, which made the roof of my mouth narrow and my excessive overbite prevented my teeth from having any contact,”

she continued. She explained that she struggled to eat everyday foods like pizza because of her overbite and also revealed that it made her lisp a bit.

Brielle also admitted that she was very nervous before the operation. “I was so scared,” she continued. “I was completely dreading this surgery, fearing the worst of the worst, but luckily with my positive mindset, my strong support system for my family and friends…I got through the first two weeks, which are supposed to be the hardest and easiest! Although she seems to admit that recovery hasn’t been so easy now, it seems like she’s always pulled through and can put it all behind her.

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