A goddess on stage, that’s how Beyoncé has always been called, who turns 40 today in style and having reached the top of the top for the effort and sacrifice she has had throughout her life.

She was always clear about it, her thing was the show and the truth is that with the past of time she has shown to have a gift in the field of music with which not only she moves us, but also produces a feeling every time we hear her sing.

A few days ago we knew some spectacular news: Beyoncé and Jay-Z will be the protagonists of the latest campaign of the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., dedicated to modern love.

The campaign, whose name is “About Love”, is associated with the greatest love stories in the world since 1837, and, as the firm has revealed, has chosen the almighty couple as the image of its new launch because “they are the epitome of of what a modern relationship means.

There is no one better than one of the world’s most iconic couples to represent Tiffany’s values ​​as a brand that has always supported love, strength and self-expression “said Alexandre Arnault, Vice President Product and Communication Executive at Tiffany & Co.

This was the first time the couple appeared together in a campaign, “ABOUT LOVE,” that explores connection and vulnerability.

The love story of this couple was thus illuminated by the mythical Tiffany Diamond and the striking background image of the painting Equals Pi painted in 1982 by Jean-Michel Basquiat, which has been part of a private collection until now.

Opening a door to a new brand identity, this campaign unites the beauty of love in all its facets over time, forging a new and current vision of love.

The singer’s broad professional career officially began in 1990 when she became the lead singer of the girl group Destiny’s Child. After the success of this first project, Beyoncé launched herself solo in 2003 with that Dangerous in Love, with which she won five Grammy Awards and more than 11 million copies sold.

In addition, the singer celebrates her birthday living an unbeatable personal moment, Beyoncé has been married to rapper Jay-Z since 2008 and the fruit of their marriage Blue Ivy was born.

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