Ben Affleck reveals that Matt Damon takes care of his 'mental health'

Ben Affleck reveals that Matt Damon takes care of his ‘mental health’

In conversation with the magazine GQ, Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Ben Affleck assured that having Matt Damon in his life has been very beneficial for his mental health, since the good sense and good advice that his friend has always transmitted him have allowed him to stay “sane”.

“I can’t speak for Matt, but in my case, my mental health and even my own sanity have benefited a lot from having him in my life, since we grew up together and went through similar things.”

“I also feel very identified with him after more than 20 years of being in the public eye. I can be myself by his side, speak things with complete honesty; I am very clear why we are friends, because he loves me and is interested in me, and because I love him in the same terms,” said Ben Affleck in an interview.

The actor took the opportunity to remember that his relationship with the artist dates back to his adolescence and to those times when both had fun together in the city of Boston. Although Matt was born in Cambridge (Massachusetts) and studied at Harvard, it was in the state capital where he met his now inseparable friend.

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