Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have reunited … 17 years after their marriage was canceled. What happened at the time between the Oscar-winning Hollywood icon and the New York pop legend?

2021 has some surprises in store that we couldn’t imagine. The return of the Affleck – Lopez couple , 17 years after the split, is one of them. But what had really happened at the time?

In 2003, rising actor Ben Affleck and dreamy-figure pop star Jennifer Lopez were one of the world’s most popular couples. Met on the set of Troubled Love by Martin Brest, the two lovebirds had even planned their wedding for September 14 of the same year in a real media whirlwind. This constant pressure pushes the couple to consider various rather crazy stratagems to gain privacy. Finally, the day before the wedding, the couple announced their postponement: “Due to the excessive media attention surrounding our wedding we have decided to postpone it. When we saw each other seriously considering hiring three different ‘fake brides’ in three different locations, we realized something was wrong. ” The wedding never happened. Worse, 3 months later the couple decided to go to separate.

Invited to the microphone of The Howard Stern Show , Ben Affleck returned to the events of the time and more particularly to the role of a handful of media in the failure of his marriage: ” I would say that it is about 50% (of what destroyed our relationship.) The idea that people hate you and that they hate you together and that being together is a poison, ugly and toxic that neither of us want to be a part of. Who would like to invite them to dinner? And what are they doing together? ”

Bitter, Ben Affleck made no secret of the resentment he felt at the time: ” I was damn hurt and angry and felt like an idiot .” Two years later, the actor of Gone Girl met Jennifer Garner , the mother of his children , from whom he will divorce in 2017. The actor confided to having suffered from alcoholism problems at the time of his divorce. Today, he seems to have come out of his setbacks as he appears in love alongside Jennifer Lopez.

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