According to sources, Belinda would also have decided to rebuild her life and would already have a new relationship, it would be a 28-year-old millionaire businessman , who would be madly in love with the 33-year-old singer.

Let us remember that, since the end of their engagement was announced, seven months have passed and this would be the first relationship in which The Princess of Pop would embark after her breakup with Nodal.

Rumors suggest that Belinda finally forgot Christian Nodal and with a member of one of the richest families in Mexico. The interpreter of ‘Las 12’ would be in a new relationship with a millionaire businessman, who would be pampering her to the fullest.

Belinda and Gonzalo Hevia Baillères: alleged evidence of their romance

Belinda’s new boyfriend Gonzalo Hevia Baillères , a young Mexican millionaire and businessman who comes from one of the wealthiest families in Mexico , because among his many businesses is El Palacio de Hierro , a department store that offers recognized luxury brands.

As soon as it was revealed that Gonzalo Hevia Baillères would be Belinda’s new boyfriend, Internet users immediately began looking for evidence of the alleged new courtship and found several details about the alleged new relationship.

As can be seen in the photo, Belinda and Gonzalo Hevia Baillères would have dated on several occasions, since the evidence indicates that they have been captured very close together in various meetings of the high spheres to which the young businessman belongs.

In the videos, which are already circulating on the network, Belinda is shown living with Gonzalo Hevia Baillères’s friends , for which Internet users assure that she has already forgotten Christian Nodal and seems determined to rebuild her life with someone far from the show business to Have more privacy in your love life.

So far, Belinda has not given any statement about the speculation, but fans assure that the interpreter of “Bella betrayal” would be happy, since she would have left some clues of infatuation through her Instagram stories.

Belinda was related to another mysterious man

For a few days and after serenading the boyfriend of a producer and friend, Belinda was seen in England with a group of friends and a mysterious man , with whom it was also rumored that she could give herself a chance in love.

Through a video that circulated a few days ago, the “Welcome to Eden” actress shared that she was arriving at a famous museum, but what caught the attention of her followers was a phrase.

“ And this handsome man? ”, She mentioned Belinda when showing the face of a young man, who was rumored to be the one who made her forget the bad times she had with Christian Nodal, with whom she broke her engagement last February.

What is a fact is that, for a couple of months, Christian Nodal has been shouting from the rooftops his love for Cazzu , an Argentine rapper who corresponds to the singer’s love. The couple shares on social networks how much they love each other, so the fans of both interpreters are happy with the romance and even rumor that they could take the next step.

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