• Bad Bunny becomes the object of study at San Diego State University for the phenomenon that has been in the Latino community in the United States

Bad Bunny has become a singer who in a short time his fans multiplied in an inexplicable way and although another important social sector declared that it does not tolerate him, it seems that there are more who support him.

Despite being somewhat popular, it did not escape the eyes of specialists such as Dr. Nathian Shae Rodríguez, director of Journalism and Media Studies, who decided to turn the Puerto Rican into a true object of study and include him in his course for the next year at San Diego State University.

According to the academic, during an interview for CBS News, the analysis will be made on the impact on Latino culture, in addition to having transformed the urban genre like no other had done:

“Bad Bunny has transformed reggaeton like no other artist has. When you think of reggaeton, it’s hypermasculine, macho is embedded at its core. And Bad Bunny has come and turned it upside down.”


This was announced by Dr. Nathian Shae Rodríguez, director of Journalism and Media Studies at San Diego State University. According to Rodríguez, who had already done a study on Selena Quintanilla, the “Bad Rabbit” gives the mass another side of masculinity, in this case he describes it “as it should be. How it can be authentic, how it can be endearing, how it can be loving.”

Whatever the investigation and the result of the hypotheses, one thing is certain, the singer became a true Pied Piper in the world.

With his most recent material “A summer without you”, Bad Bunny became the most nominated urban musician for the Latin Grammy in its 23rd edition thanks to his popular album, getting mentions in the recording and album of the year categories in the nominations. announced Tuesday by the Latin Recording Academy.

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, the singer’s real name, also received mentions in the categories of best urban song and best fusion/urban interpretation for his ubiquitous nightclub anthem “Tití me ask”, as well as best reggaeton performance and best urban song for “Sorry BB:/”, his touching collaboration with Tainy and Julieta Venegas.

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