Authors of songs by Shakira, Dua Lipa and Sam Smith ask for better remuneration

More than 2,000 composers and artists signed an open letter addressed to record companies to demand fairer compensation. The initiative was promoted by the British association of professional musicians “The Ivors Academy”.

A song that reaches 100,000 views on a streaming service does not cover “the price of a coffee” for its author, the letter indicates, which emphasizes that “the record industry has experienced a huge boost in terms of its income, but the benefits for the composers have collapsed ”.

Among the signers of the text are Autumn Rowe , who has written songs for Dua Lipa, Kylie and The Saturdays; Jimmy Napes, author of songs for Sam Smith, Madonna, Stormzy and Taylor Swift, or Steve Mac, creator of themes for Shakira, Ed Sheeran, One Direction and Calvin Harris.

The initiative was promoted by the British association of professional musicians The Ivors Academy.

The authors ask that songwriters who do not participate in the recording receive a minimum of four percentage points of the net income accumulated by the song.

They also require that a composer who works with an interpreter in the elaboration of his repertoire receive a salary of at least 104 dollars ( about $ 386,698 COP ) per day.

“We need a sustainable compensation model for music authors that reduces the risk of composers leaving the business or having to find a second job,” the letter says.

“We all know how much it depends on songwriters, not only for songs, but also for inspiration and development within the contemporary music industry. These creators take on a huge personal and professional investment with every artist who knocks at your door ”, add the authors in their letter.

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