Asia Ortega, this is the protagonist of the series ‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’

Asia Ortega, this is the protagonist of the series ‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’

10 years have passed since the end of “El internado: Laguna negra”, the teenage series that marked an entire generation. Now, under the same labels, Atresmedia Televisión and Globomedia, and the same team of scriptwriters, comes the “reboot” of the remembered mystery story, with which it only shares names and setting: “The Boarding School: The Summits”.

This time the plot is very different. The tireless search for a missing student from the school will lead to discovering the truth about some mysteries that surround this boarding school, a “more adult and structured thriller in the form of escape room”, Which arrives today on the Amazon Prime platform.

Among the well-known faces that head the cast of this series are Joel Bosqued and Mina El Hammani, as well as cameos from Blanca Suárez, Yon González e even the influence Dulceida. But the true protagonist of the series, with which the plot of “El Internado: Las Cumbres” starts is the actress Asia Ortega. A still unknown name that from today will become one of the most listened to of the season, and it promises to become one of the great promises of Spanish cinema.

Who is Asia Ortega?

This young woman from 24 years old is from Barcelona. Daughter of an Argentine father, a circus clown by profession and a Spanish mother and actress. That is why since childhood she has been linked to the world of art and flamenco, of which she is a professional dancer.

His debut in the world of acting dates back to 2017 thanks to the film ‘When the angels sleep’, directed by Gonzalo Bendala; and the series ‘Centro Médico’. During these three years, Asia has played different roles both in cinema and on the small screen, until reaching the leading role in the Amazon Prime series ‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’.

The young he gets into Amaia’s skin, the student leader, a visceral and very emotional girl, who suffers from hearing problems. In an interview with EFE, the actress acknowledged that to prepare her character she had to go through an introspection process: “I remembered a lot about my ‘me’ when I was 15 years old, because I have always been a woman of arms to take up, of struggles against those who it seems unfair to society. It has been exhausting to channel it because Amaia is very intense, but it has been a gift ”.

In addition, she acknowledges that for her the greatest difficulty in interpreting it lay in the physical limitation: “They made me some custom hearing aids and I had to work a lot on the subject of smells and music, and talk to people who have worked with reduced hearing; that helped me a lot to connect my character ”. A role that, sure, promises him a lot of success on television.


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