Anuel AA surprised Karol G in full concert in Puerto Rico

Anuel AA surprised Karol G in full concert in Puerto Rico

The spectators who were watching the Karol G concert were surprised by the appearance of Anuel, who waited for the right moment to surprise the Colombian singer

Karol G caused a furor in social networks with his spectacular fall during his recital in Miami last Friday and that event still does not seem to be surpassed by Internet users.

As a result, the Colombian singer and songwriter was able to show her 44 billion followers through her temporary Instagram stories all the bruises she suffered after falling on stage at the FTX Arena in Miami.

The Barranquilla-born artist is currently promoting her ‘Bichota Tour’ tour and Karol G’s next destination was to perform in Puerto Rican lands, specifically at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in Puerto Rico . This was the first time that the Colombian singer appeared at the mythical Choliseo and wanted to offer viewers a real show.

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known in the art scene as Karol G, was part of a special moment, but at the same time sudden that took the loyal fans who were in the Puerto Rican coliseum by surprise.

While Karol G was singing the song ‘Culpables’, Anuel AA appeared at the top of the stage , who was his ex-partner and co-author of the previously mentioned song. That was the first single they recorded together after starting their romantic relationship.

Anuel AA took advantage of the perfect moment to surprise Karol G in his recital, and boy did he know how to do it. All the spectators screamed with emotion when they saw it, but the Colombian artist had not yet realized that behind her was Anuel singing his part of the song ‘Culpables’.

For her part, Karol G was really stunned when she saw him and Anuel came down the stairs to hug her , and at that moment the artist asked to stop the music. Later, Anuel encouraged the public with his unexpected appearance at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

The excitement on the part of the fans who were tuning in to the concert did not wait and they all began to ask that they kiss in the middle of the concert, but that never happened. On the other hand, the Colombian singer assured that both had good times; However, due to fate, their relationship ended for unknown reasons.

After finishing the show, Karol G was able to open up about his sentimental relationship with Anuel AA: “ He and I went through a lot together, we grew up a lot , we lived a lot of things and no longer, due to things in life, we had not been able to talk but I’ve said it many times in my songs. Thanks for all the support”.

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