Anna Ferrer and Iván Martín take another step in their relationship

Anna Ferrer and Iván Martín take another step in their relationship

Both have announced happy news on social networks

Anna Ferrer and Iván Martín form, despite their youth, one of the most stable and in love couples of the ‘celeb’ patriotic scene and both through their respective social networks and in each of their public appearances they boast of a love and a complicity that stands out at first glance .

Paz Padilla’s daughter and the actor began their relationship at the beginning of 2019 and since then they have become inseparable, so much so that the young man has already become one more member of his girl’s family and the presenter of ‘Save me’ has confessed on more than one occasion the love he feels for his daughter’s boyfriend.

And it is that both Anna and Iván are two of the fundamental pillars of Paz after the death of her husband, Antonio Vidal, in July 2020, and it is common to see the woman from Cádiz with the young couple enjoying vacations and leisure plans. It is reflected that the influencer is already one more in the Padilla family.

And now, two and a half years after meeting, Anna has decided to take another step in her courtship with Iván, leaving the house where she has lived so far with her mother on the outskirts of Madrid to move to an apartment in the center of the capital with her boy.

Good news that the couple has shared on their respective social networks, showing a small brushstroke of their love nest, a spacious, bright and stately apartment in one of the best-known areas of Madrid, where in the next few days Anna will begin, to her 24 years, a new stage in her life with her partner, sharing a home for the first time.

Wishing to start this new stage”, the daughter of Paz Padilla has confessed on Instagram, with a video in the radiant Iván and she enters for the first time what will be her new home. One more step in this relationship that is going from strength to strength.

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