The brazilian Anitta Today she put the finishing touch to Rock in Rio Lisboa with a performance that unleashed a real storm among his Portuguese fans when she displayed a Spanish flag on stage.

The artist approached the public at one point during the concert and picked up a flag that one of her admirers gave her and began to wave it.

The flag was from Spain and Anitta ended up returning it to the public later. The artist’s gesture has heated up social networks in Portugal, where criticism has multiplied overnight.

“Don’t do like Anitta, study”, Launched an Internet user minutes after the singer displayed the flag.

“From the series Anitta goes to school”posted another Twitter user alluding to a well-known Portuguese children’s comic series whose protagonist is precisely a girl named Anita.

“Seriously she took a Spanish flag at a concert in Lisbon???” another netizen wondered.

Minutes before, the artist had suffered another mishap by inadvertently breaking the glasses of one of her admirers.

In addition, according to local media, the luggage of the singer and her dancers would have been lost on the trip to Lisbon, although it was recovered in time for the show.

The last day of Rock in Rio hung the sign of no tickets with Anitta and Post Malone as stars of the night.

Tens of thousands of people have passed through the Lisbon park of Bella Vista in the four days of this edition of the macrofestival, which has featured Muse, Black Eyed Peas, A-Ha, Duran Duran and UB40 among others.

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