Anitta and Murda Beatz sent indirect on social networks in recent days

Singer Anitta and Murda Beatz are no longer dating. She, who is in the United States, really enjoyed the weekend with her friends. During the same moment, Murda Beatz, posted a photo with a caption that made the public suspicious. “Fuck me, don’t fuck me,” he wrote. Anitta, who is usually present on her boyfriend’s networks, did not like the publication, and neither did the following. He, in turn, also did not interact in the singer’s latest posts.

The theory that the relationship is over gained even more strength after the publication of ‘indirect’ by Anitta through her Instagram stories. “Some people are beans in an ice cream pot,” she wrote. Anitta also shared a great text on her social networks about ‘disappointment’ when she found the ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’.

“At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold. Around this pot is a black hole full of everything bad in this world that you would never know about if you didn’t get to the other side. The lightness and naivety of the ignorance that you carry while still walking through the rainbow is the greatest desire of those who arrived at the pot of gold and managed to escape without falling into the hole.”, the singer began to speak.

“For it is possible to take the path back, but it is impossible to recover the beauty that ignorance gave to his vision of things. The glow of the pot of gold along with the darkness around her changed her eyes forever,” she concluded.

They were last seen together after the VMAs party on August 28th.

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