On the eve of one of the most important awards ceremonies in the music industry in the United States, the singer Anitta was opening up to his fans and confessed his feelings regarding the important step his artistic career has taken since she released the song ‘To involve’ and went viral at the beginning of the year.

The success of the Brazilian celebrity has been one of the biggest surprises that social networks gave to international music, because despite the fact that his most famous song had been released several months ago, it was until the choreography caught the attention of users. of TikTok when the world finally noticed the talent of the carioca.



Things have gone so well that for the annual awards ceremony of MTV, the artist is one of the main stars that will be appearing on the stages of the famous gala. It will be this August 25 when for the first time Anitta will step on the stages of the MTV Video Music Awards with a solo act.

In addition, the singer received a nomination in the category “Best Latin”Together with important stars of the urban genre such as the singer Bad Bunny, Becky G, Karol G, Daddy Yankee, Farruko and J Balvin, being the only one who speaks Portuguese. Regarding this, the media questioned her about her expectations of taking the award .

There are a lot of amazing people participating and whatever it is I will leave happy because it is going to be a very special night. I’m going to sing and I hope people like it and also understand that it’s my first time. I’m a little nervous, but happy because it’s going to be my big premiere,” replied the artist.

Yes ok Anitta mentioned that she does not expect to win the award because there are great figures in her same category, she says that whatever happens she will be very happy to have attended and make history as the first Brazilian woman to be nominated at the VMAs for a solo act.

She also talked about the female artists who inspire her and are role models for her career, to which she mentioned a singer who has marked her name in the history books for her great contributions to music and for having a strong personality, which Anitta also seeks to transmit.

The most shocking moments, in my opinion, I think were Britney Spears. She had the most iconic moments, the ones that she had the whole world talking about.”

Anitta was talking about the most important moments for her of these female legends and the reasons why their actions marked her for the rest of her career as an artist. “Her performance of her with Madonna was also strong. Also, they were good times for women because they put us in the spotlight and I love that.”

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