Anitta and Maluma make history by getting their wax figures

Anitta and Maluma make history by getting their wax figures

Fans of Anitta They were amazed when the singer’s wax figure was revealed, because the resemblance between the two is enormous, being a complicated task for everyone to distinguish who is the real one. The same thing happened with the figure of Maluma, which until now is considered one of the best made by artists.

In recent days, Billboard published a special recognition for both celebrities on their social networks, mentioning that they are the last Latin stars to get their own hyperrealistic figure created for the prestigious Madame Tussauds Museum, where they are currently exhibited.

The post made the announcement with photographs of Anitta and Maluma, as well as a brief description that invited fans of both to meet other artists with their own works in the museum. And it is that this is a great achievement for both, since they have managed to cause such a significant impact that they obtained their own place in the venue.

In 2021, both Anitta and Maluma became the latest Latin music stars to get their own wax figures.”

The exciting revelation of Anitta’s figure took place in New York City on June 2, which after a few weeks of absolute secrecy, the singer herself made this fact known on social networks, taking her beloved community by surprise. fans on the internet.

On the other hand, Maluma was revealing his wax replica shortly before the Brazilian one, it was on April 25 when an exception was made and the figure was taken from Orlando to the city of Medellín on the occasion of one of the most important concerts of his career, the so-called ‘Medal on the Map’.

The fans of both did not take long to express their opinion regarding the statues of both in the comments section of the post, the majority agreeing that although the one from Rio de Janeiro was very similar, it was the one from the singer of ‘Hawaii’ the statue that achieved make his fans doubt the identity of the real one.

“Anitta is very similar, but Maluma it is impossible to know which one is the real one hahahaha help”, “MY TWO FAVORITE ARTISTS TOGETHER”, “I was trying to guess which one was the real madness”, “Maluma’s was perfect, damn it!!” , “I’ll be visiting Anitta’s in December! I can’t wait!”, “Maluma’s was PERFECT!”, were some of the comments in the post.

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