American actress and activist Angelina Jolie paid a surprise visit to the Ukrainian children admitted to the Bambino Gesú hospital in Rome and conveyed her concern about the uncertain future they face, the artist explained on her social networks on Thursday.

Jolie, special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) since 2012, was able to greet and inquire this Wednesday about the situation of the 31 little ones from Ukraine sheltered due to the war in this pediatric center, the largest in Europe and owned by of the Vatican.

The “pope’s hospital” treated a total of 130 Ukrainian minors since the Russian invasion broke out on February 24, of which 31 remain admitted to its facilities, medical sources explained to Efe.

“I pray for the end of this war. That is the only way to stop the suffering and the flight from the conflict zone. It is horrible to see children pay the price, in lost lives, damaged health and trauma,” declared the actress.

Jolie, who according to the media is in the Italian capital for work reasons, also expressed concern about the “uncertain future” that these children face after this setback.

Her visit came on the same day that UNHCR confirmed that in a single month almost four million Ukrainians fled their country, while another six and a half million are internally displaced.

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