Andrea Legarreta defends Maluma after presentation with Carlos Rivera: “Sing you” |  VIDEO

Andrea Legarreta defends Maluma after presentation with Carlos Rivera: “Sing you”

Last weekend Maluma was presented with Carlos Rivera to interpret “100 años” to the rhythm of mariachis at Premios Lo Nuestro. However, he received harsh criticism for his singing, a fact that annoyed Andrea Legarreta.

The presenter of the program “Hoy” questioned the “haters”From the Colombian, even before presenting the note they had prepared on Rivera’s comments about his Colombian colleague.

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“Maluma was widely criticized for singing with mariachi at Premios Lo Nuestro. The joke is that whatever it is, everyone has the power to finish you off, how lazy ”, she commented quite angrily.

Similarly, he challenged critics of the Colombian to sing a ranchera. “He’s nervous, but what has he got? And whoever doesn’t like it, don’t hear it “, he claimed.

Regarding the presentation, Rivera congratulated Maluma for not feeling comfortable with reggaeton and surprising his followers with a tribute to Mexico.

“Very good, he does it very well. Rancheras can be sung with the heart and it shows that he likes Mexican music, that he does it with the heart. I love that he dares to do different things, he is not comfortable in his own genre. The singing was completely live”Said the Mexican.

He also pointed out that the singer of “Hawaii” was not nervous about singing with mariachis, but rather enjoyed the presentation.

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