Amber Heard accused of snorting cocaine in the middle of the trial with Johnny Depp for a video that has gone viral

Amber Heard accused of snorting cocaine in the middle of the trial with Johnny Depp for a video that has gone viral

For two weeks, we have been witnessing the so-called ‘trial of the year’ , the one between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and in which the actor asks his ex-partner for 50 million dollars for damages derived from the loss of contracts -such as the of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga -, while Heard has countersued him claiming 100 million for having launched a defamation campaign against her.

Two positions and a radically opposed vision that has been transferred to social networks, which are capable of adopting an extreme position . Precisely, now a video has gone viral on social networks in which he allegedly snorts cocaine or another similar substance in full trial with Depp.

A video that is running like wildfire through the networks and that is serving the actor’s fans to  accuse Heard of having a “drug addiction” problem.

The trial is being highly followed and covered by the media and on social networks, where the followers of one and the other do not miss an iota of what happens in it.

Thus, they have managed to capture the moment in which the 36-year-old actress is seen, she takes a handkerchief to her nose with which she rubs and, at the same time, allegedly snorts cocaine or some similar substance.

The trial has come to a standstill and will resume on the 16th. One of the main concerns of the courts and of the security teams themselves is that both protagonists do not cross paths at any time at the exit and entrance.

As collected by the portal specialized in celebrities TMZ, the entrances and exits of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are organized by court agents, who work with their security teams to stagger the time and make sure they don’t see each other.

When the trial breaks for lunch, the two actors are taken to opposite ends of the courthouse, with officers escorting them to their own secure areas, away from the audience.

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