14 Years After the Death of the Scandalous Anna Nicole Smith, the Blonde Who Wanted to Be Marilyn

14 Years After the Death of the Scandalous Anna Nicole Smith, the Blonde Who Wanted to Be Marilyn

After a life full of luxuries, tragedies, romances and disputes, she was found dead on February 8, 2007 in a Hollywood hotel. This is his story

It had been only 5 months since Anna Nicole Smith had given birth to her daughter Dannielynn and the same amount of time since they found Daniel, her son, deceased in a room in the same place where the little girl was born when they found the unconscious model in a room of the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino , in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She was immediately transferred to a hospital north of Miami where on February 8, 2007 she finally died.

The causes of his death were clear from the first moment: an overdose. Although Smith led a life full of excesses – demonstrated in numerous videos where she was seen under the influence of narcotics – none of the medications she had taken that afternoon were illegal : they were those she was taking due to her depression and other illnesses. “It was an accidental drug overdose without there being any criminal element or anything illegal,” the police told the media.

After what happened, Anna Nicole Smith left a 5-month-old girl without a mother and with a father who would later prove not to be the biological one and with a dispute between relatives over the place of her burial, which was finally in Nassau, Bahamas, next to where her son’s remains lay. Tumultuous end for was the life of the blonde who, since she was little, had a crazy day to day pursuing her dream of becoming “the new Marilyn Monroe”.

From Texas with love

In the suburbs of Houston, Texas, on November 28, 1967, a baby named Victoria Lynn Hogan was born. He arrived in a somewhat difficult environment within a troubled family. Abandoned by her father, with a stepfather imprisoned for rape who -as it later emerged- also abused the little girl and her sister. The only thing “Vickie”, as she was called, wanted to escape from that place , where she was raised by her mother and aunt.

After dropping out of high school, she began working as a waitress in a fried chicken joint and later was a cashier at a Wal Mart store. It was not long until he met Bill Smith , chef whom she married at 17 years old and had her first son, Daniel. It was not a marriage. After three years it was over and from that moment, they say, his first problems with alcohol and drugs were registered .

With just 20 years she had to support a child alone, so she had to have many jobs during the day. At night she was an exotic dancer called Nikki, Robin or Anna Nicole.

The least expected love

In her night work, Victoria met many men who left her large sums of money in tips but the one who managed to win her heart was the oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall II, whom she married in 1994.

Age was never a problem for Vickie, as her husband was 89 while she was just 26. Although everyone claimed it was a marriage of convenience, she always insisted that the affection was true.

Life with her “prince charming”, as Anna Nicole called her husband, was full of luxuries, so many that he even gave the model three houses, with whom he also shared a home with his son Daniel.


Claudia Schiffer’s replacement

Vickie seduced everyone with her physique and became one of the most famous Playboy figures. In the magazine appeared in 1992 for the first time with the name “Vicky Smith”, in the next one she was already proclaimed as Anna Nicole Smith and 1993 was chosen as Playmate of the year.

Thanks to her romance with the tycoon and her appearances as a bunny, she became known in the American show business, in addition to her beauty and all the exposure, supermodel Claudia Schiffer was displaced as a figure of the jeans brand Guess, putting her in her place.

However, not everything was rosy in his life. When everything was going smoothly, one of her son’s babysitters accused her of abuse after she openly declared herself bisexual.

After a trial, Smith had to pay $ 800,000 to his employee.

Roles in film and television

Anna Nicole Smith made her film debut in 1994 in the comedy The Hudsucker Proxy, whose role was to seduce the character played by Tim Robbins in a hair salon.

Later, she would have a bigger role as Tanya Peters in the third part of the Naked Gun saga, starring Leslie Nielsen. In this film, Frank Drebin returns from retirement to try to collaborate with the police and infiltrate a gang of terrorists trying to detonate a bomb.


Then some roles on television were encouraged. It was Donna, a friend of the Kirstie Alley character in Veronica’s Closet and it was also Myra Jacobs in the Ally McBeal meal.

Farewell to Marshall II

Very bad news came in 1995. After 14 months of marriage J. Howard Marshall II had a heart attack at the age of 90 and the blonde was left a widow.

When it came to organizing her husband’s funeral, the bad relationship that Anna Nicole had with the deceased’s children was glimpsed, something that was already known but became even more evident when separate commemorations were organized.

His wife did it 3 days after the death with guests who had never seen the tycoon in life, used the veil she had on the day of her wedding, read a speech until the middle when she burst into tears and dedicated a song to him that she sang together to Daniel.

On the other hand, Marshall’s children celebrated their father on August 14 at a mass mass . Something that did not surprise anyone is that the model was not invited.

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One fact that drew attention was that in none of the six wills that the deceased had left did the name of Anna Nicole appear , which led to a lawsuit to obtain some of the money from her husband. According to her, he had promised her “half of his inheritance.”

After wasting the money she had, Anna Nicole filed for bankruptcy. Until she died, not a penny came from Marshall’s estate. The death of Pierce Marshall, one of the children involved in the matter who died at the time from an infection, seemed to be lucky for Anna Nicole, however at the time she also lost her life and nothing could be resolved.

A reality show with your name

Without much success in her artistic career, Anna Nicole Smith began to be a recurring character on gossip shows and shows in which her hectic life continued. As a result, the string E! He offered to have his own reality show.

The Anna Nicole Show debuted on August 4, 2002 and achieved the highest ratings on that channel. The premiere coincided with the seventh anniversary of Howard Marshall’s death.

The series recorded the daily life of the former Playboy Playmate, her courtship with lawyer Howard Stern, her bond with her son Daniel and his assistant Kimmie. Also a great protagonist was his dog, a poodle named Sugar Pie.

The show was canceled in June 2003.

The arrival of baby Danielynn

On September 7, 2006, Anna Nicole’s daughter, Danielynn, came into the world at the Nassau, Bahamas hospital, the same place where she had given birth to Daniel 20 years ago.

Although it seemed that his life was on course again, there was a great twist in the plot: three days later, in a room of the same sanatorium, his first-born died as a result of the interaction of methadone and antidepressants.

Unhappy early ending

It was always known that Anna Nicole’s life was not free of tragedies, however, no one expected her end to also be one. Depressed after Daniel’s death, she had to take antidepressants while in turn taking vitamins, anxiolytics, hormones, and diet pills, a combination of so many things that it ended up being lethal.

At 39 years old, she was found unconscious at the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida and was taken to the hospital where she finally died on February 8, 2007. At first her death was suspected, although later the preliminary autopsy determined that “no signs had been found. on his body from blows, suffocation or other trauma or traces of illegal drugs in his stomach “, which closed the case in a death due to overdose.

Their daughter Danielynn was left in Stern’s care until it was finally proven that Larry Birkhead was her real father, who took care of the 14-year-old girl who lives a life surrounded by love and good health. However, her father continued in the fight for the inheritance of Anna Nicole which would remain for the little girl when she is of legal age although, rarely, there is still no news.

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