Cardi B Launches Her Own Reality Series - (Cardi Tries)

Cardi B Launches Her Own Reality Series – (Cardi Tries)

The series is available on Facebook Messenger and Instagram via a new feature called Watch Together. There, viewers can watch programs with family and friends.

In the first episode, Cardi B tries on ballet, where Grey’s anatomy actor Debbie Allen is her teacher. Other guests in the series are Michelle Rodriguez , football player Damian Lillard and country artist Mickey Guyton . Cardi B will also try motorsport, work as a firefighter and as a teacher.

Cardi B posted the news on her Twitter, despite claiming in October that she would leave the platform due to all the criticism from fans regarding her on-and-off relationship with rapper Offset.

Cardi B’s new reality TV show, Cardi Tries, is perhaps what happens when you kinda’ sorta’ bring an unfiltered adult-sized variation of the theme in The Little Engine That Could, to life. In real time. On Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Each Thursday. Through Feb. 4.


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With one show down and seven more episodes to go, Cardi B beckons you to hop aboard her wild life ride as she ‘tries’ out every day activities – typically done by civilians – of which she’s never ever tried before. Some her fish-out-of-water hijinks will include “Cardi tries wig making,” “Cardi tries ranching,” “Cardi tries stunt race car driving,” and “Cardi tries teaching kindergarten.” Another episode that looks promising centers around culinary Cardi. In this episode, Cardi tries making and serving sushi.

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