Blue Origin’s rocket “New Shepard” launches for the first mission in 2021 at 0:45 am on January 15, Japan time | GLM

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Blue Origin will launch its rocket, New Shepard, at 9:45 AM CST on January 14th (0:45 AM JST, January 15th). This is the first mission in 2021. It’s a big mission for a space company founded by Jeff Bezos. The crew capsule at the tip of the rocket has undergone changes to improve the astronaut’s experience, which is in preparation for the company’s first manned flight mission.

New Shepard has flown 13 times so far, carrying various cargoes into quasi-orbital space and then returning to Earth. This reusable launch vehicle is ultimately intended to be sent to space by humans as well. Although the exact date of the event has not been disclosed, this mission strongly indicates that manned flight may be carried out in the not too distant future.

The New Shepard launch, which focuses on manned flight, will feature acoustic and temperature controls, a display panel that informs passengers, and a button-to-speak conversation system in each of the six crew capsule seats. One of the seats has a human-like flying dummy. The name is Mannequin Skywalker. Blue Origin uses it to measure capsule performance in many ways.

Blue Origin will also test the safety alert system that the company will equip with its final flight system, as well as carry cargo for significantly different purposes. 50,000 postcards donated by children around the world to Blue Origin’s non-profit Club for the Future.

The mission will be broadcast live on the Blue Origin website and YouTube channel, and as usual, the streaming will be about 30 minutes before launch, about 10:15 east coast time (0:15 am on January 15, Japan time). It is scheduled to start broadcasting.

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