Biden may stagger nominations from House to avoid cutting into slim Democratic majority

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President-elect Joe Biden could scramble House Democrats’ nomination for positions in the upcoming administration to avoid an already majority cut from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the November election debacle.

“We need to manage something like this,” Reps James Sealburn, DSC, Democratic whip and a top Biden aide, told The Globe Live Media in an interview.

Democrats hold a majority of 222–211, with many races still undecided and Biden repeating three MPs. Rape Cedric Richmond, D-La, for a senior advisory position; Rape for housing secretary Marcia Fuse, D-Ohio; And rape. Deb Holland, DNM for Interior Secretary

Clyb said the plan would be to pull Richmond first because his senior advisor position does not require Senate confirmation, then Biden would wait to formally nominate Feud and Holland after the March special election in Louisiana.

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All three lawmakers are believed to be from a Democratic stronghold that would be difficult for Republicans to flip.

MPs can vote in the House until the Senate is confirmed. Their nominations can be sent one month later, one month later.

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Moderate legalists and strategists blamed progressives for damaging the party’s message in November, despite Biden’s victory in November, and progressives complained that it waged a sneaky campaign without a bold message to attract voters Were the center.

Pelosi has a master vote counter on the House floor, but even his skills will be tested in the new Congress, starting with his own election for another term as speaker. If some Democratic lawmakers also objected or snatched, it might be difficult to pass the bill in the new Congress.

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Biden has avoided pulling Democrats out of the Senate because of the narrow Republican majority that Democrats can only flip if they win both Georgia runoff next month. Nevertheless, it would be a 50–50 affair with Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris.

The Globe Live Media contributed to this report.

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