Benedict XVI received the coronavirus vaccine a day after Pope Francis

Pope Francis and Benedict XVI during a meeting in November 2020. (Vatican Media via REUTERS)

Pope Francis, 84, and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, 93, were vaccinated against covid-19, the Holy See spokesman announced this Thursday in a statement.

The Argentine pontiff received the first dose of the vaccine on Wednesday, While the German pope emeritus received it this Thursday, within the vaccination campaign initiated the day before by the Vatican, specifies the official news portal.

“I can confirm that, as part of the vaccination program of the State of Vatican City, until today the first doses of the vaccine against covid-19 have been supplied to Pope Francis and the Pope Emeritus”, ad Matteo Bruni, director of the press office of the Holy See.

Francisco was vaccinated in a sector of the atrium of the Paul VI classroom specially conditioned for the application of vaccines.

A room for the application of vaccines in the Vatican (EFE / EPA / VATICAN MEDIA)
A room for the application of vaccines in the Vatican (EFE / EPA / VATICAN MEDIA)

The Vatican began on Wednesday the vaccination campaign for the about 5,000 Vatican residents and employees.

Francisco received the first dose of the vaccine from the laboratories Pfizer and BioNTech and in three weeks, you will receive the second. No photos have been distributed so far.

In an interview released on Sunday by Italian television, Francisco defined vaccination “an ethical action, because you risk your health, you risk your life, but you also risk the lives of others.”

Several prelates, bishops and cardinals have contracted the virus in recent months, among them the cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Archbishop of Naples.

The one who was the pope’s personal physician for five years, Fabrizio Soccorsi, died on Saturday at 78 years old after “complications from covid-19” when he was “hospitalized for a cancerous pathology.”

Francisco canceled all his trips abroad since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 and questioned his visit to Iraq, scheduled for next March 5 to 8 due to the pandemic.


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