Batman’s OLDEST Rival Could Be the New… ALFRED?!

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Batman is completely lost due to the death of Alfred Pennyworth, but Bruce Wayne’s old rival Butler may have an unexpected replacement.

Warning: Batman # 105 now includes spoilers for sale by James Tyonian IV, Carlo Pagulyan, Danny Mikki, Christian Deuce, David Baron and Clayton Cowles.

As Gotham City has overcome the devastating events of the “Joker War”, Batman has to contend with the arrival of the Ghost-Maker in his life. Shocker was the man who trained with Bruce Wayne for years before becoming his own criminal before arriving in Gotham after deciding that his old rival was insufficient to defend his own city.

And with the Dark Knight unmatched since the tragic death of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s eldest, original frenzied daughter Cute Butler and surrogate can just move on to fill the void left by Father Figure.

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In the wake of “Joker War”, Ghost-Maker realizes that the Prince of the Crown has exposed the crime of how incapable Batman was to defend his hometown, arrives in Gotham and dispatches the criminals with lethal efficiency. In a flashback revealed that the two traveled the world and trained under the same specialist as teenagers, Ghost-Maker was always slightly better than the young Bruce. As the two completed their training, Bruce forced his teenage rival to promise that he would leave Gotham to Batman, while any city that had secretly fallen under the ghost’s jurisdiction , He was considered cross-border for the Caped Crusaders. With Batman refusing to kill his most murderous adversary, Ghost-Maker decides to break this promise and intervene himself, with the Dark Knight quickly recognizing his old rival’s handiwork and tracking him down for.

After killing the clowns on the loose, even after the Joker’s furious attack, the Ghost-Maker focused his attention on the very different Deity that originated in Nairo: Clownhunter. The anti-teenager instigated one of the Joker’s goons, who had killed his parents years ago during a skirmish with Batman. The ghostmaker cited Clownhunter as a prime example of Batman’s persistent failures to protect the city as the teenage serial killer intended to take a more personal approach to killing him in retaliation for crimes committed with the Joker. Kidnapped Harley Quinn.

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As Harley was able to use his expertise as a psychiatrist to talk to the ghost-maker, Batman’s antagonist first noticed that lethal force is not always the right answer and that rehabilitation and forgiveness for justice are possible is. With two enemies revising for the first time in years, Batman gives Ghost-Maker a place among his allies on the Bat-Family. Vighnaharta surprisingly agrees with Cavite that he does not intend to stop Bruce from openly criticizing and correcting whenever possible. Batman sees that Alfred played this very important role in keeping Bruce on the field for a long time and investigating, and the ghost-makers could help Batman fill that void in this shrill role.

No one would ever replace Alfred Pennyworth, as the man brought up Bruce and virtually every Boy Wonder, criticizing the effectiveness of a dismal quip and bat-family to protect the city. But since Alfred’s death, Batman finds himself drifting needlessly during the crusade during his crime, even with his old friend Lucius Fox as the beloved family butler as Bruce’s closest confidant and Cowl’s Unable to change outside. Ghost-Maker would be a much more controversial, hostile ally to Batman, while the Dark Knight has already allied himself, but a little tough love is really what the Caped Crusader needs.

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