Batman’s New Rival Called Out Bruce Wayne’s WORST Mistake

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As Batman’s confrontation with the ghost-maker comes to a head, the Dark Knight’s rival Bruce Wayne’s biggest hang-up reveals.

Warning: There are spoilers for Batman # 105 for sale by James Tyonion IV, Carlo Pagulyan, Danny Mikki, Christian Deuce, David Baron and Clayton Cowles.

Although the Joker was able to nearly push the Bat-Family to its breaking point in the cross-event “Joker War”, one of the oldest rivals of ghost-creator, Bruce Wayne, effectively compared the psyche of the Dark Knight to the Dark Knight. Can skew the psyche. crime.

A man who has known Bruce ever since he was training worldwide to develop Batman, the ghost-creator has resurfaced over the years of Batman’s life, later proving it with the intent to replace him Why his approach to crime fighting always failed. And in a heated confrontation between two former classmates, the ghost-maker completely and accurately robs Bruce of the same observation.

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Batman Ghost Maker

A flashback reveals the final conversation between Bruce and the Ghost-Maker, before they join their different crime crusades as teenagers. The Ghost-Maker notes that Bruce invests too much of himself in every person he wants to defend and, as they continue to fail, betray him and die, it constantly touches his soul. will destroy. The ghost-maker assesses that Bruce is still very much that an eight-year-old kid who sees his parents, is murdered all those years ago in Crime Ale, and how ever he tries, he can never Will not be able to save you from tragedy. And the trauma that he endured for the first time.

The Ghost-Maker again underscored with Gottam’s Bruce years later how accurate the assessment was, drawn into the city by the perceived failures by Batman that were capable of leading the “Joker War” in the first place. The ghost-maker openly criticized Batman’s refusal to employ deadly force when dealing with criminals, noting that if he was going to create an egoistic ego to intimidate the villain, the death penalty threat Will hollow out the danger he presents. Describing the murderous vigilante Clownhunter as a living example of Batman’s failures, Ghost-Maker decides to prove his point by ending the teenage serial killer, rather than spending the wasted time trying to capture and retrieve him. did.

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Of course, Batman does not lie this criticism, either as a teenager and as a complete superhero. In the same flashback conversation where Ghost-Maker dresses him, Bruce clearly states that he is never interested that he stops caring about the people he killed that night Vowed parents had vowed to protect or leave promises made. Assassinated. Teenage Bruce offers a rebuttal of his own, noting that the ghost-maker takes such a different stance on crimefighting, devouring humanity from its core, as he is broken from the inside and criticizes him with jealousy Are filled, as if not being broken. Bruce. This assessment certainly strikes a nerve, as the Ghost-Maker violently exits before two frenzied ways.

Just as the ghost-maker had obtained his own cutting psycho-analysis from Bruce years before, the deadly criminal was mistaken at the climax of his reunion with Batman in Gotham City. Seeing the tense confrontation with Clownhunter, showing the value of mercy and rehabilitation for the first time, Ghost-Maker admitted that he could be wrong all along about the Dark Knight’s tactics. Despite this, Bruce is willing to work accurately with his old rival due to the hard work and criticisms he offers. Just don’t call Batman an eight year old boy.

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