At least one of Samsung’s new home robots will debut in 2021 | GLM

At least one of Samsung’s new home robots will debut in 2021 | GLM

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At Samsung’s CES press conferences over the last few years, there has always been a parade of futuristic domestic robots. They are smart, dexterous, and impressive (and pretty pretty). However, domestic robots are difficult. Really, really, really difficult. Almost 20 years after Roomba first appeared, there is a reason why robot vacuum cleaners continue to be the only realistic home robots.

For the same reason, if one of Samsung’s domestic robots exhibited at the event is practical, it seems to be the robot vacuum cleaner “JetBot 90 AI + Vacuum”. The company also unveiled an update to the Bot Handy featured at the 2020 show. Together with the new Bot Care, this goes even further with the design of humanoid robots that old science fiction believed would be available in the next few years.

And it seems that SF is still a valid depiction here as well. At the 2020 show, the robots will give a Chuck E. Cheese-style presentation on stage with a robot band like an old amusement park playing at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, which kids love. He was doing the choreographed tasks in a dialogue with a limited number of people. There are many factors involved in this kind of thing, but for now, the technology feels more like a proof of concept.

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The company describes the technology as “not too far in the future,” but a small print in the corner of the screen says, “This robot is under research and development and hasn’t been sold yet.” .. That seems like a humble expression. This wheeled Bot Care reminds owners of meetings and pops up screens for remote meetings.

I don’t think anyone in the current pandemic will actually see this technology, but one might argue that it’s the “new normal” the company is preparing. The Bot Handy, which moves dishes from the sink to the dishwasher, seems to be more or less realistic.

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I’m happy if I make a mistake, but none of us expect a working version of these technologies to be available in the near future. However, the JetBot 90 AI + Vacuum robot vacuum can be appreciated. That’s because there is a rough schedule for it to go on sale in the US in the first half of 2021.

The robot vacuum has a LiDAR sensor similar to a self-driving car and, combined with an object detection algorithm, will help build an ideal path for navigating the user’s home. Interestingly, the camera footage can be viewed remotely by the user, so it can also be used like a security cam (although Samsung seems to avoid using the word) or a pet monitor. That’s right.

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