As a result of a cross-sectional survey of major streaming contents, “The Office” will be the most popular in 2020 | GLM

As a result of a cross-sectional survey of major streaming contents, “The Office” will be the most popular in 2020 | GLM

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It is difficult to directly compare the popularity of streaming programs and movies because streaming services only publish a part of the viewership data and the measurement method differs depending on the company.

So Nielsen, which provides ratings for traditional TV shows (and is trying to integrate that ratings with streaming data), wants to make comparisons on the same ground with Netflix. , Amazon Prime, Disney +, and Hulu announced their own ranking of popular streaming content in 2020 at CES 2021 on January 13th.

Data is limited to viewing in the United States. Unlike Nielsen’s traditional TV ratings, this data isn’t based solely on the total number of viewers, it focuses on total viewing time. This is also in sharp contrast to the numbers released by Netflix. Netflix counts “households that have seen more than 2 minutes” and does not distinguish between 2 minutes, 2 hours, and 20 hours.

Still, Netflix dominated the TV series rankings, with Disney + performing well in the movie. Other services didn’t make it into any of the three top 10 rankings.

In the original series category (at least for me), Neflix’s “Ozark” had a streaming time of 30.5 billion minutes, as well as “Lucifer” for 19 billion minutes and “The Crown”. The Crown) ”continued in 16.3 billion minutes. The decisive hit under the pandemic, “Tiger King: Breeder is stronger than the tiger ?!”, finished fourth in 15.7 billion minutes. However, Nielsen’s measurement method is disadvantageous for the show, which was aired only eight times. Perhaps the same is true for Disney +’s “The Mandalorian,” which was the only non-Netflix series in the rankings, streamed for 14.5 billion minutes.

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The numbers are even higher for licensed works. All of the series in the rankings were delivered on Netflix in 2020, but the number one “The Office” (streaming time 57.1 billion minutes) just recently moved to Peacock. Other top five works are “Grey’s Anatomy” (streaming time 39.4 billion minutes), “Criminal Minds (Criminal Minds FBI Behavior Analysis Division)” (35.4 billion minutes), “NCIS (NCIS) NCIS-Navy Criminal Investigation Team) “(28.1 billion minutes) and” Schitts Creek “(23.8 billion minutes).

The biggest hit in the movie category was “Frozen II (” Frozen 2 “, which was delivered early on Disney + and streamed 14.9 billion minutes.” Moana “(10.5 billion minutes). , “The Secret Life of Pets 2” (Nitflix, 9.1 billion minutes), “Onward” (Disney +, 8.4 billion minutes), and “Dr. Seuss’The Grinch” ) ”(Netflix, 6.2 billion minutes) followed. This category seems to be advantageous for family-friendly works, which are likely to be seen many times by children.

In addition to these rankings, Nielsen has announced a new service for measuring the number of viewers of on-demand theatrical productions, that is, movies published online for rental or purchase. The production company already had basic purchase data for these works, but Nielsen said it could provide information that represents the “whole media food chain.” Detailed information about the viewer’s age, gender, ethnicity, region, etc.

Scott N. Brown, general manager of audience measurement at Nielsen, said in a statement:

As this unprecedented pandemic continues to influence consumer behavior, it’s more important than ever to help customers properly monetize their new revenue streams by enabling measurement. What is important is what content creators will do after some recovery, and how the behaviors they learn during their stay will affect their behavior when they are able to go to the cinema. Is it possible to use it to make the best decisions about future delivery platforms?

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