Apple supports 10 billion yen to eliminate racial discrimination, start-ups of colored races, etc. –GLM

Apple supports 10 billion yen to eliminate racial discrimination, start-ups of colored races, etc. –GLM

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Apple announced in June last year that it will launch a large-scale project as part of the $ 100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI for short). Did. CEO Tim Cook said he was planning to make a “big announcement,” which was revealed.

The purpose of the new project is to remove the institutional barriers to access and confront the injustices faced by colored communities.

Apple announced REJI after a protest against racism and the life of a black man in the wake of the tragedy of George Floyd, who died after being held for a long time by a police officer in the United States. Was in the midst of a BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement that should not be treated poorly.

This large-scale project includes the creation of the world’s first global innovation and learning hub, the Propel Center, which contributed $ 25 million to the Traditional Black University (HBCU), and Apple’s development to support coding and technical education in Detroit. Includes funding for entrepreneurs of color, venture capital, and more.

Through its commitment to REIJI, Apple claims to aim to expand opportunities for the US colored community and help develop a diverse next-generation leader.

These projects will be led by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environmental, Policy and Social Initiatives.

“Everyone has equal access to opportunities, regardless of color or zip code,” said Jackson. “For a long time, the colored community has been a serious fraud and institution in pursuing the American dream. Faced with the above barriers, Apple is proud to be able to provide influence and resources to build a new engine of opportunity to empower, inspire and make meaningful changes. ” I am sending.

Invest $ 25 million in the Clear Vision Impact Fund to capitalize SMEs and go to the King Center in memory of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., who led the African-American civil rights movement. Donations have also been announced.

As previously announced, it wasn’t an announcement of a “new product”, nor was it related to the expected privacy protection of iOS 14, but it seems to be a project that will have a big impact on the deepening division of American society.

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