Anuel Aa Retirement

Anuel Aa and Other Singers Who Announced Their Retirement From Music

The reggeatonero has assured at the Latin Grammys that he is not happy with the music
The reggeatonero has assured at the Latin Grammys that he is not happy with the music

Anuel aa retires from music?

The famous and successful Puerto Rican reggaeton player confirmed the rumors and with a song dedicated to his son, where he talks about the depression and loneliness he is going through despite fame, he announces his goodbye in the next installment of the Latin Grammys . Already in recent weeks, Anuel AA had given clues of his bad moment with Instagram stories where he was seen in bad condition , or phrases that worried his fans about something more serious. There was even talk of his possible break with Karol G , the same information that the Colombian herself denied.

Anuel AA latest photo

Anuel AA has captured all eyes after the most atypical ceremony to date of the Latin Grammys in this 2020 special. And, just before the start of the gala, the Puerto Rican launched a freestyle in which he addressed issues such as anxiety and depression, causes that would have prompted him to make the decision to abandon music .

The much commented supposed sentimental crisis with Karol G along with verses from his song such as “My son does not want me to sing, he wants me to be with him, that’s why I plan to retire because more than he suffers”, they suggest that the withdrawal or, at except for a pause, in Anuel AA’s musical career is more than confirmed. However, he has not been the only artist who, for personal reasons or of any other nature, has decided to leave the stage.

Nicki minaj

Of Nicki Minaj it was one of the outputs of the most talked music of recent times, but she was very clear about their motives: to marry and raise a family. Reasons that not all his fans accepted. However, hers has been one of the shortest withdrawals, since, when she had not yet had her baby , the rapper was already on the microphone again. So much so that this year he has co-starred with Karol G of the international success of Tusa , in addition to having signed other revelation songs such as WAP .


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Ed Sheeran

To the sadness of all his fans, Ed Sheeran made public his desire to leave the stage in December 2019 , in his case, as a result of the frantic pace that his professional life was taking so far: “ I have been a bit non-stop since 2017 so now I’m going to take a break to travel, write and read, ”explained the Briton. Everything, to repeat his maneuver in 2019. However, after being a father and spending time with himself, Ed Sheeran’s new album and in which he surely shows that he has completely renewed energy is expected for October 2021 .


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Amaia montero

This past April, the singer Amaia Montero used her social networks to announce her professional retirement with these words with which she alerted all her fans: ” I need to heal. See you soon .” Now, the former vocalist of La Oreja de Van Gogh is living a moment full of happiness, fully recovered, and does not stop receiving compliments through social networks.


Exactly two years ago, Maluma announced a temporary withdrawal from the stage to focus more on himself. a pause that announced with these words: ” I need a little time for myself, for Juan Luis, I need to walk, meditate, do yoga, pray, increase my spirit; this week I will focus on myself, I will do so and I will report little around here, but you know I don’t forget you “. Although, without a doubt, Maluma’s has been one of the shortest breaks and, at the moment, he is experiencing a resounding success with his album Papi Juancho and about to release his film, nothing more and nothing less than, with Jennifer López .

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John newman

Britain’s John Newman expressed his need to take a break earlier this summer. A withdrawal based on the need to meet again artistically: ” I want to make music that I like and not the one that triumphs. I want to make music that makes me feel good and not just try to make hits. People are so tired of the formulas that have been made it for years that what they really want is great songs. I have created my own path and I release what makes me feel good because I still feel anxious at times. ”

Laura Pausini

It was the year 2009 when the Italian singer Laura Pausini also decided to stop her musical career for 100% personal reasons, such as establishing her love life and having a child.

Undoubtedly, news that fans do not usually like too much but that helps artists to return stronger than ever.