Angélica Rivera uncovered: “La Gaviota” and her daughters revealed intimate experiences of the season and with whom they will celebrate Christmas


With a great Christmas spirit and an intention to reveal how you celebrate the holidays with your family, Sofía Castro appeared alongside her sister María Fernanda and her mother, the actress and former First Lady of Mexico, Angélica Rivera, in a video for her YouTube channel.

The two members of the Castro Rivera family appeared in the clip of more than 13 minutes to tell some private anecdotes; while “La Gaviota” lent his voice, and was behind the scenes “, to ask questions, accompany the responses of his daughters and express some good wishes to the world.

In this way, Sofía and María Fernanda revealed the strangest gifts they have asked Santa Claus and that This Christmas they will be able to enjoy it next to their two parents, although later the press speculates about a sentimental reconciliation between Angélica Rivera and José Alberto “El Gúero” Castro, who have been divorced for more than 10 years.

The Castro Rivera sisters were sincere to mention that in their childhood they wanted to have a hair gel that was promoted by a famous Puerto Rican singer, which was striking precisely because of its ambassador, because it was colored and had some sparkles.

“The Gel VO5 of colors, we asked for it because Chayanne advertised it. What a bear ”, the eldest of Angelica Rivera’s daughters said with a laugh.

María Fernanda added: “I remember that he had little glitters.” The young woman also mentioned that for 12 years she made another unusual request until it was finally considered by Santa Claus: “He will bring me a bell from his sleigh. He did bring it to me ”.

The sisters affirmed that their customs at Christmas are like those of other Mexican families, since they collaborate with dinner, have a family exchange, start a piñata, ask for a posada, play with sparklers and even act in a pastorela.

But what most catches their attention is the “box game”. “It’s the funniest thing about Christmas … when you drop six (on a die) you have to run to the center, put on gloves, a hat and a scarf to try to open the box; But as long as that happens, the dice continues, people keep pulling, so you can be putting on your hat and gloves and there is already someone else snatching these objects from you, ”said the actress and host.

Both revealed that they are completely different, because while Sofia has the Christmas spirit on the surface, María Fernanda hates this holiday, including the food, which is what many people favor this season.

“I do get up and wear bells on my body. I’m very ridiculous, I do like Christmas a lot, ”added Sofía.

But perhaps what attracted the most attention was the statement that the three Castro Rivera sisters will experience Christmas as a family and alongside their two parents, who divorced in 2018.

“We always get together at Christmas and it is not because they are going to return, but it is good that we spend Christmas with my father and my mother and that they get along super well. I am saying it from now on because surely on the 24th we are going to upload a photo in this beautiful tree and so that the note on the 25th is not: ‘There is a return between Angélica and’ El Güero ‘”Sofía Castro highlighted for her 3,510 subscribers.

The three women said goodbye to the video with their petition to Santa Claus. María Fernanda was direct and said the wish that almost everyone shares: “Let the COVID go away.”

Angélica Rivera dedicated a broader message: “Much health for the world, much awareness of all of us to be able to save the world and have much health, and obviously that love is never lacking in the hearts of every home.”

Sofía Castro took advantage of this participation to reiterate, laughing, her love for the gel that Chayanne promoted many years ago, and agreed with her mother and sister in good wishes.


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