Among Us Is Comes to Xbox in 2021, Now on Game Pass for PC

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Intersoloth’s extremely popular Murder Mystery game is now on Xbox Game Pass for PC among us and will arrive on Xbox console in 2021.

among us Now the Xbox game for PC is on the pass and will soon make its way to the Xbox console.

According to Microsoft, the game will arrive on Xbox Game Pass for consoles in 2021.

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among us There is an online multiplayer consisting of 4-10 people who prepare a spaceship for departure while one or more random users try to secretly kill the entire crew. These “imposters” must do so before they are caught or exited by others, and before the ship reaches its destination.

“Communication between us is all about teamwork, betrayal and deceit,” Microsoft explained. “While everyone is fixing the ship, no one can talk. However, once a body is reported or a meeting is called, the remaining crew will openly debate what they think That is The Impostor. Meanwhile, The Imposter aims to pretend they blame a member of the crew and someone else. If the imposter is not voted, everyone is back to maintain the ship. Goes on until another meeting is called. If the imposter is voted, the crew wins! “

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Developed and published by Innersloth, among us Now available on Android, iOS, PC and Nintendo Switch. Xbox One and Xbox Series X in Game 2021 | S arrives at

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Source: Microsoft

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