AMLO “throws the house out the window” in Yucatan: announces expansion of Puerto Progreso, gas supply and 2 thermoelectric plants

On his tour of Mérida, Yucatán, to supervise the progress of sections 2, 3 and 4 of the Mayan Train, Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the project for which gas is being sought to reach the area of ​​the Yucatan Peninsula, which historically has suffered from a lack of this input for the industry, as well as the tender for the construction of two thermoelectric plants to be located in that entity.

“We are going to solve the problem of lack of gas in this region, construction of a missing section of the gas pipeline to bring gas from Tabasco has already been completed, bring gas to the Peninsula. This work has already been completed, there are only two pumping plants left and enough gas will reach the Peninsula. And the tender for electricity generation plants here on the Peninsula is also about to begin. Two combined cycle plants are going to be built, two thermoelectric. One in Mérida and another that was originally intended to be established in Cancun, the Federal Electricity Commission technicians have decided to put it nearby, in Valladolid. “

The president explained that Governor Mauricio Vila only knew about the plant that would be located in MéridaHowever, he was unaware that CFE technicians had decided to locate the second also in the state that governs.

Regarding the benefits that both the Mayan Train and energy projects will bring to the region, López Obrador assured that its purpose is also to generate well-being, so it will not be limited to promoting economic development, but will continue with social programs that give cash to the population.

"It would be more than a contradiction to affect archaeological sites", assured López Obrador (Photo: Twitter @TrenMayaMX)
“It would be more than a contradiction to affect archaeological sites,” said López Obrador (Photo: Twitter @TrenMayaMX)

“It is not only about seeking economic growth, it is not only about creating jobs; is also promote wellness actions. If our project were only based on economic development, it would be lame. Balance is required, progress and justice are required, economy and well-being are required, always in balance. That is why social programs will continue ”.

However, the chief executive also pointed out that in the development of the work is seeking to take care of the environment and archaeological sites in the region.

“Already Rogelio Jiménez Pons is calling on the companies that are going to offer the trains that will be used in this great work. We will also have electric trains that will not pollute in these sections of Mérida-Cancún, Cancún-Tulum; And taking care of the environment is a commitment, a recommendation that Rogelio has internalized very well and sometimes speaks more about caring for flora and fauna than about the work itself, about the construction of the Train, and we thank him for that, because we have to take care of the environment. “

Finally, Andrés Manuel exerted pressure in the presence of Dr. Guadalupe Philips Margain, general director of Grupo ICA, for the company to open more work fronts, ensuring that their partisan differences should not prevent a united work.


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