AMLO omits to recommend the mask and anticipates that Mexico will have “few” doses of the vaccine

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, assured that your government is seeking “a balance” between the health and economic crises caused by COVID-19.

By supervising the construction of Section 3 of the Mayan Train, in the municipality of Halachado, Yucatán, López Obrador He stressed that the economy cannot be completely stopped despite the pandemic “because this would be very serious.”

“Despite the pandemic, we are working, because we have to balance health action, that is, face the pandemic as it has been doing and also reactivate our economy. We cannot just dedicate ourselves to attending to the pandemic, shutting down the economic activity completely in the country, because it would be very serious in the future and we cannot open the economic activity of the country as if nothing were happening, having this pandemic, these infections and the most terrible, the most regrettable, the loss of human lives “, he emphasized.

“So our strategy consists of balancing, looking for life to be taken care of and also that economic activity is promoted and there is well-being in our country and we are achieving it. It is not easy, it has been terrible to face this pandemic, but we are going out”He insisted.

File image (Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf)
File image (Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf)

The mandatary made reference to the implementation of the red traffic light in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, due to the rise in infections and hospitalizations due to the coronavirus

It had to be decided, by the doctors, to declare Mexico City a red light due to the number of infections and to prevent the pandemic from overtaking us and there will not be beds, with sufficient equipment to care for the sick. That is why those in charge of the health sector recommended turning the traffic light in Mexico City red. Fortunately, this is not what is happening throughout the country, of 32 states, only in 8 states we have an increase in infections. In the rest of the states, most of the pandemic is controlled, as is the case of Quintana Roo, as is the case of Yucatán, and Campeche, which is green, Chiapas, which is green; Tabasco is in orange and we are moving forward ”, he emphasized.

He assured that thanks to the advancement of science, the vaccine will soon be available “because as long as there is no vaccine, what has been applied for centuries is recommended every time there are pandemics: isolations, cleaning, hand washing and avoiding infections ”He recalled.

The president announced that, in the next vaccination exercise that will begin at the end of this month, there will be “few” immunizations, since the demand for them is high.

“We already have contracts signed with Pfizer so that from this month we begin to vaccinate in our country, there are few doses that we are going to have because there is a lot of demand in the world, but we are going to start vaccination this December”, he remembered.

“The recommendation of the specialists is that we give preference to those who are caring for COVID patients: doctors, nurses who are saving lives. So the first to have access to this vaccine will be the health workers who are in the nearly 1,000 COVID hospitals that we have in the country, which have been reconverted to treat COVID patients, they will be the first ”, he pointed.

“It has been decided that this vaccine that requires low temperatures will arrive in Mexico City and Saltillo, Coahuila; but it is not that only in those states will they be vaccinated; It is all Mexicans. The vaccine is universally applicable and it will be applied free of charge because we have the budget, ”he said.

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File image (Photo: EFE / Miguel Sierra)
File image (Photo: EFE / Miguel Sierra)

“It will depend on the availability of these vaccines. And the plan is, I repeat, first the doctors and nurses where they are, they will be vaccinated first, then the elderly, who are a vulnerable population, we will start with the elderly to protect them and all adults will be considered greater. There are in our country around 10-12 million older adults, 65 years and older. This population group is also a priority ”, he highlighted.

He recalled that those who suffer from a chronic disease will also be treated “Whether it is hypertension, diabetes, obesity, they will have special attention. Teachers are also being considered as a priority group, insofar as they are going to return to classes in person, in which the states are turning green, that there are no more infections. And then the rest of the population”He explained.

He pointed out that there is already the support of the pharmaceutical companies and the support of the governments where these vaccines are manufactured.

“It has been wise not to fight with anyone, we have no differences with any government in the world and on the contrary they have a lot of respect for Mexico,” he said.

That is why he said, the government has to reactivate the economy “by carrying out these works (such as the Mayan Train) that are very important, as has been said here, for the creation of jobs, to improve the internal market and we will continue to allocate public resources. And it is very important that it is known: this work is being done with resources from the public budget, which is the money of all Mexicans, it is not being done with credit ”, he highlighted.

He said that he will continue visiting the construction site of the Mayan Train, although he clarified that “we have no distrust of companies, but I like to be touring the country, I am a walker … and even more so it gives me great satisfaction to be able to see these works ”, he concluded.


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