American Gods Welcomes Demeter in Season 3 Still

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Baileth Danner officially joined American Gods as Demeter in Season 3, a former Wednesday god of love and Greek god of harvest.

The season 3 premiere of American Gods is almost here, and the Starz original series officially unveiled one of the latest arrivals. Still photos from a scene in the new season introduced Blythe Danner as Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest.

TVLine has unique photos that create more questions than it answers. Still shows Denner as Demeter, talking to his former love, Mr. Wednesday and Shadow. The biggest question that immediately arises is why is Ian Macsen’s character scrubbed? It is also not known what the role of Demeter is going to be in American God Season 3, although the stars have given a little thought to his character.

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Clearly, the Greek goddess was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility. The reason for this is that Mr. Wednesday wore either a straight or after scrub, otherwise known as Odin, who drove his ex-girlfriend out of the facility. It has previously been reported that the romantic tangles of the two gods will play a role in the upcoming season. Danner is currently set to appear in four episodes when American Gods Season 3 debuted in January.

Upcoming Run Ricky White’s Shadow will find out after being in Lakeside, Wisconsin that he is the son of Mr. Wednesday. His birthright makes Shadow a heretic, though a recent American Gods Season 3 trailer shows him trying to make a way out of his life and destiny on the road with Odin. When he is not walking out with Mr. Wednesday, Chhaya will be directed by Orihas, aka the gods who are his black ancestors. It is also thought that he would find that the lakeside has a darker side to hide beneath the surface.

Chhaya is also apparently helping Wednesday’s free Demeter from the facility he is imprisoned. It is unclear whether her past with Odin means she understands Shadow’s identity. Danner is one of several changes to the show’s cast. He will join Laila Lorraine as newspaper reporter Marguerrette Olsen, Julia Sweeney as Lakeside’s busy Ann-Marie Hangelmann, and Danny Trejo as Mr. World’s Avatar.

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There are also some famous actors and characters who leave the American gods. Orlando Jones’ exit was the most publicized after being fired last December, but Warts Krrish was dropped from the show. Krrish played Jin, who did several shows in the first two seasons.

Based on the Neil singing novel of the same name, American god Stars Ricky White, Emily Browning, Pablo Schreiber, Crispin Glover, Bruce Langley, Yeatide Badaki, Ian McShane, Moses Krrish, Kahun Kim, Demore Byrnes and Chris Obi. Season 3 began on October 9 and will premiere on January 10, 2021.

Source: TVLine

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