“All I did was to get to Deportivo one day”

“All I did was to get to Deportivo one day”

Ruben de la Barrera was introduced this afternoon as the new coach of the Sports. The coach from A Coruña could not be more excited about the challenge of finally sitting on the bench “of the club of my life” and assures that he will not miss the opportunity: “Everything good that has happened to me in life has been in moments in which I have had to go to fire “.

Call: After the game in Zamora they contact me. They explain everything they think to me and I take it … not so much with enthusiasm, but as something that I felt I was looking for. All I did was to get to be at Deportivo one day. The responsibility I feel is to unify and achieve the best performance and I am convinced that this will be the case. The club of my life calls me and I feel like it’s time. They say that no one is a prophet in their land, but we are going to try to break that. ”

Style: We are going at full speed. We are aware of the moment we are in. I hold on to the ability of the players. The mentality will be to command, to provoke things. Let’s play at Riazor or any other stadium. I start from the premise that there are two actions: wait for things or cause things to happen. And I am one of those who prefer the second. Everything good that has happened to me in life has been at times when I have had to go to fire. ”

Locker room: I have found an open changing room, that listens, that loves and full of good people. The pressure has to do with history and what this club means at all levels. We have to be aware of reality, live with it and assume that we are favorites. That is faced from the security that we have to transmit at all times. You have to be stable when things are going well and when things are not going so well. ”

Quarry: Until not long ago I was a team coach and I know how it works. This implies that the relationship of the first team with the rest of the team is natural. And naturalizing it means being present, communicating and being communicated, which is not something that always happens. There is a group of coaches used to being with the first team and they will be joining more because I want to meet them. I don’t look at people’s ID. A 17-year-old boy comes in and knocks the door down … I won’t be the one facing him. ”

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