AC Valhalla: Patch 1.1.1 comes today, fixes broken quests and more

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Patch 1.1.1 comes today with many changes. Patch 1.1.1 comes today with many changes.

If Assassin’s Creed Valhalla suffers from bugs and other problems, Patch 1.1.1 could soon help. The update brings numerous improvements according to the patch notes as far as plot stopper bugs in quests, performance, stability, graphics, balancing and more are concerned and should appear today, on January 14th at 1pm.

The size of the patch 1.1.1. is around 6.45 GB on the PC. We summarize the most important changes for you. You can find the complete patch notes on page 2.

What about an upgrade?

We rated Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the test for bugs and technical problems. We’ll look at this and upcoming updates and decide whether an upgrade is warranted. What we think of the game apart from the technical criticism, you can also find out in the detailed test video:

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has it all - just no guts


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has it all – just no guts

This is in the big update 1.1.1 for AC Valhalla

The largest and most important part of the patch is made up of the numerous improvements in the missions, which for some players contained annoying bugs or, in the worst case, could not be completed at all.

Many jobs should work better nowIn addition, display errors such as incorrectly set quest markers have been removed from the game and your companions and contacts in some quests will hopefully no longer get stuck or will disappear completely. Here is an excerpt with the most important changes, you can read everything else on the second page in the patch notes.

Quests, world events and side missions

  • In the bonus mission “The Legend of Beowulf” A marker was removed from the Season Pass that remained visible after the player examined it.
  • In »A Sticky Situation« Fixed a bug that prevented an important NPC from appearing.
  • In »The Baker’s Plaint« you shouldn’t get stuck fishing now.
  • Das Welt-Event »The Fishing Lesson« should be able to end now, if that was not possible before.
  • If you accept the alliance with Lincolnscire after the Vinland sagayou shouldn’t get stuck anymore.
  • In »A Cruel Destiny« you should no longer get stuck after the boss fight.
  • You should now be guaranteed to receive the Storming the Walls questafter you’ve finished Severing the Lines.
  • You can now interact with settlement residents againafter a mistake prevented that for some.
  • Die Quest »Absence of an Ealdorman« can now be terminated after a bug made this impossible for some players.
  • Der Questmarker in »The Devil Has All The Best Tunes« no longer displays the wrong target.
  • You can now finish the mission “War Weary”if Ceolbert is accidentally killed.
  • In »Binding Fate« the boss can no longer get stuck on a rock or underground.
  • Die Quest »Price of Wisdom« can now be terminated if that was not possible.
  • In »Bleeding the Leech« Erke is no longer in the wrong place for some players.
  • »Of Blood and Bonds« can now be ended, the subsequent reporting to Randvi is now possible again.
  • Die Mission »The Prodigal Prince« can now be ended if that was not possible before.
  • »A Rivalry of the Ages« can now be terminated if this was previously prevented by an error.
  • The Mari Lwyd disguise is now guaranteed to disappear after the Glowecestrescire chapter.
  • »Road to Harmatia« can now be terminated after a bug sometimes prevented this.
  • Couldn’t you interact with Ubba in “Sons of Ragnar”, it should be possible now.
  • In »Brewing Rebellion« Fixed a bug that made it impossible to force open the longhouse door.

Some quests have not yet been completed for some players.  Others, like the Beowulf mission here, displayed incorrect markers. Some quests have not yet been completed for some players. Others, like the Beowulf mission here, displayed incorrect markers.

Gameplay und Interface

  • The behavior of NPCs has been improved. For example, residents who have fled will no longer return while a raid is ongoing. From now on, guards always react hostile when Eivor sets their colleagues on fire with oil barrels.
  • Some ranged skills no longer use erroneously directed arrows.
  • NPCs no longer stay loyal to Eivorif you use the ability to fake your own death.
  • Raculf Monastery can now be robbed after a bug made this impossible for some players.
  • Just before the boss fight in “Extended Family” there is now a respawn point.
  • Fast travel should now be possible againif the feature was broken for you after patch 1.04.
  • Numerous interface problems have been fixed. For example, language changes in the menu now also have an effect in the fights if this was not the case before. The completed quests should also no longer appear as an empty box for some and the fall damage can no longer be averted if you open the menu shortly before the floor and close it again.

Graphics, performance and stability

  • Performance and stability generally improved.
  • Improved numerous graphics problems, including with clipping (for example when the hair flashes through clothing) and NPC animations.
  • Incorrectly placed textures or objects have been removed. The player should also no longer get stuck anywhere in the game world.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes – For example, too low a resolution with some raven skins, distorted faces in children in photo mode or even strangely repeating battle cries of the Vikings.

General improvements

  • Support for Ubisoft Connect Achievements: Previously unlocked and future achievements appear directly in the game.
  • Wake up in Asgard is now possible at any time: So far, the first mission had to be completed, which could cause a lot of frustration for players with too low a level.
  • Quiver and rations will now fill up if you upgrade them while they are empty.
  • Daily quests now automatically reset if it is impossible to continue or restart the mission. You can then accept the order again later.

Ubisoft recently announced, in addition to new information about the upcoming free update, which errors and disruptive factors in the game they want to address soon. If your problem isn’t there, chances are it’ll show up on the patch roadmap here:

AC Valhalla: The next patches fix that


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AC Valhalla: The next patches fix that

But it’s not just technology that causes problems for some players. If you get stuck with treasure hunts, toadstool puzzles, legendary animals and more, our comprehensive guides to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will help you:

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