Abelardo: “I return with more enthusiasm than when I was in the previous stage”

Abelardo returned to the Vitoria municipal stadium. At the beginning of the century he arrived as a player and, two years ago, he succeeded as a coach. But he had the feeling that his cycle was over and that lengthening it was not a smart act. In addition, he was immersed, as a victim, in an extortion ring and suffered a judicial process that even led him to go to Teruel to testify. He had to spend time with his family and returned to Gijón. Although it sounded for many teams on various occasions, it was not until last year when he ended up at Espanyol in Barcelona. He did not play a great role and was stopped by the parakeets.

“I want to thank the entity for giving me the opportunity to coach this club again. I return with even more enthusiasm than the last time I came. I will give everything to try to achieve the objectives. The year of the Centennial we want this in First. I hope that people feel, unfortunately from home, proud of this team, “said the Spaniard.

About his return He said that “when I said goodbye I already pointed out that Alavés did everything possible for me to continue here but I needed a break. In fact, I had several offers and I didn’t accept any. Until Espanyol arrived.” The situation is different from that found in its first stage. “I start from scratch, I live in the present. I cannot remember what happened a few years ago because now we are in different circumstances. Equality is tremendous, there are many teams in a very similar situation. I think the team has to be competitive and I think it can get permanency. “

Abelardo continued speaking. “We must ask the fans to take care of themselves and to respect the virus. We have them very present and we really want them to come back as soon as possible to support us.” From Machín He said that “Machín has done a great job but the results are the results. Last year I also replaced Pablo on the Espanyol bench but that’s just an anecdote.” Regarding the winter market, he observed that “we have not talked about the possibility of strengthening or not. I come to this club with this squad. They are the players that I have and that I have to get the most out of. We have to be strong defensively, attack fast, vertical and let people enjoy it. I’m not going to play games and I’m not going to be the savior. I’m going to be the one to convey some ideas to them, pretending to be a compact set. “

The Pitu spoke of Saturday’s match in Copa. “Almería has a very large squad and it will be a difficult game against one of the best in the Second Division. I have tried to grow as a coach. I have not been training for a while but I have taken advantage of it to learn. That is what everyone has to do when they are unemployed. My idea now is that they take on the concepts that I intend to instill in them. Alavés cannot give up trying to win any game. There are squads with more budget but we have to be competitive in all games, “he said.

The president of Alavés, Alfonso Fernández de TrocónizHe wanted to “thank Machín and Balcells for their dedication and work for this club. How could it be otherwise, we wish him the best in his personal and professional life from now on.” Regarding Abelardo, he commented that “we have to thank him for accepting the challenge of training Deportivo Alavés again.” The Sports Director, Sergio Fernández, added that “we are saddened by the departure of Pablo and Jordi. The pity is that the results have not allowed us to continue with that project. We hope to repeat with Abelardo the experiences we had in the previous stage he was here. as a coach. ” On the departure of Machín, Fernández said that “there is nothing to reproach him but it is a matter of trends. The sporting results sometimes take the club’s intentions ahead. There are also internal club situations that should not be explained in public.”

The Sports Director does not “regret having signed Machín in summer because I still think it was the best option at that time. Then the results and other sensations lead you to have to make traumatic decisions. We would love for Abelardo to be with us for many years because that will be a magnificent sign. With Pitu we stopped the professional relationship but not the personal one and we have always been in contact. The viability of Alavés is to continue in the First Division and sometimes we are forced to have to make decisions. Sometimes due to the decision of the coach and others by the club, we have not had the desired continuity. Let’s hope that Abelardo will now help us stabilize the situation and progress and grow. We have to get the most out of what we have because without departures of players there will be no arrivals “.

Of the template, Sergio Fernandez He said that “we have one of the best goalkeepers in the category, good footballers in defense in midfield and first-rate forwards. I firmly believe that if we know how to get the best version of the squad we have, we won’t have to go through hardships through which we are going through now, “he concluded.

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