A Forgotten Member of the Thunderbolts has a Vital Role in the Future

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Namor’s son, Ove, has prepared his utopia to rule and is using a number of heroes to give it strength, including former members of Thunderbolt.

Warning: Spoilers for Captain Marvel # 24 now available by Kelly Thompson, Lee Garbett, Belon Ortega, Antonio Fabella, and VC’s Clayton Cowles.

Captain Marvel has found himself in the future world of 2052. Superheroes have fallen, and the world is almost deserted except for one area. This was due to the powers of several heroes, one of whom was a former member of the Thunderbolts: Jolt.

Namor’s son, Ove, reveals that his totalitarian society of New Atlantis is livable due to a combined army of missing heroes. The Jolt provided power for the city. The armor used its power to build a protective dome on the city, keeping the toxins out. Inhuman crystals created the necessary weather for the city using their powers. Finally, Magick and Luke Cage were also used to serve their purposes, and Carol Denver may be the ultimate key.

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Captain Marvel, along with his colleagues, showed a series of new heroes in New Atlantis including Emma Frost, Thor’s daughter Brigid and Katie Barton, Rhodes, Fuse, Wolf, and Spider. When they met Ove and were welcomed as guests, he told them how everything in their society operated. The two most important heroes she mentions for New Atlantis were the armor, because she protects the community, and the Jolt, because she empowers everything. Although no one knew that these heroes were kidnapped and sent forcibly into action or voluntarily, it was discovered that this was not at will. Ove’s mother is Enchantress, and it is through her powers of magic that the heroes are forced to serve.

When it comes to Jolt, Ove reveals that he was the first superhero he encountered, and he said that it was his belief that Ove could make him a new world and rebuild society again. In New Atlantis, Zol’s powers were apparently enhanced to deliver fuel and electricity to an entire city. His basic strength was to throw hyperkinetic punches. However, she died and returned to life with more powers. This resurgence transformed him to suffer from bio-electric energy.

Jolt made its first appearance in the pages Electricians # 1997 Kurt Busick, Mark Bagley, Vince Russell, Joe Ross, Dave Lamphere, Oscar Gongora and Comic Craft. This was the first iteration of the team when Masters of Evil formed as a superhero team led by Baron Zemo, with plans to betray Captain America and The Avengers. For Jolt, he had a tragic childhood. Her parents had died when she was 15 years old, and Arnim Zola abducted her and carried out many experiments, and gave her powers. Despite this, Jolt was an excited teenage girl who needed to bring in the positivity that the team needed. In some bitter irony, Hockey died after leading the group, and they became true heroes. It was not even as a hero. After school, he was shot by former stroller, Jack Monroe, while having lunch with some friends.

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Jolt brought back to life Electricians # 46 by Fabian Nikija, Mark Bagley, Greg Adams, Joe Rojas and Richard Starkings and Comicraft. Jolt’s Thunderbolts teammate Techno steals her body and tries to experiment to isolate her powers and revive her. She was now defeated and was looking for vengeance against the “filth” who killed her.

She eventually proceeded to young allies on Counter-Earth before returning to Earth and convincing her fellow Thunderbolts to return to their role as true heroes again. Now, in the future, it appears that she is being held against her will, with Namvar’s son Ove forced to power the world as a ruler.

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