5 Ways Merging With The Spirit World Was A Great Decision (& 5 Why It Wasn’t)

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Is one of the most important decisions at the end of Story of kora The book had two titles to unite the mortal and soul worlds of the hero. This followed a climate fight against Unalaq, which would save the republic city from some destruction.

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While there was merit behind this choice, it also enabled many disasters to come. By analyzing whether the decision to merge the human and soul worlds was correct, it is possible to determine precisely the knowledge behind the avatar and the many profound ways in which its decisions have shaped the world.

10 Great Decision: The Spirits Warning About the Ginera Capture

When Jinora and Kai went to explore the valley, they were unexpectedly caught by a group of gunbutt and air bison hunters. Although he initially intended to sell his alien first to the Earth Queen, he acknowledged that the Bend under his authority would be valuable to his employer.

Luckily, Bumi’s spiritual companions were able to warn him of this impending disaster, and the temple halted his forces to thwart new threats. Were it not for Kora’s decision to open the Spirit Portal, they could never know that Jinora was in danger.

9 Bad decision: Ruining Republic City

Together with its human counterpart to the spirit world, the vines indiscriminately created cracks in the architecture. This significantly disrupted daily life and made commerce more difficult for denizens of Republic City.

It became so arrogant that eventually, its elected leader, Raikको, demanded that Korra leave the city despite the fact that she had saved it a few months earlier. The ultimatum was understandable: Avatar never consulted anyone before making his decision, and it affected the lives of almost everyone.

8 Great Decision: Restoring Air Nation

Korra Air Nation Air Temple

After being connected to the spirit and human worlds, there was a massive increase of airbenders in the population. Characters who were previously powerless (such as Bumi, Tenzin’s brother) quickly learned how to use it.

This will promote the cultural and spiritual rebirth of Air Nomads, a group that will travel across the planet to save the most to help those in need. Furthermore, it will help Tenjin to realize his father’s dream to restore his people and implement him with a new purpose.

7 Bad decision: it zapped Zaheer

Zaheer the legend of corra

While bending returns were generally positive results, it was not given to particularly good people. After Zaheer was augmented with the gift of the Spirit World, he was able to escape from prison, free his allies, and quickly became more skilled at airbending than Tenzin himself (performing through his duel in the temple) did).

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In addition, he empowers her to defeat Kora, to incarnate and even overcome her in an avatar state (partly due to poison flowing from her body). While Lal Kamal will be defeated, it will frighten the avatar for years to come.

6 Great decision: It visited with deceased relatives

One feature of the Spirit World that is often lacking is that it allows people to connect with those who have passed and understand the knowledge they have to offer. This was prominently demonstrated through Uncle Iro, who served as a guide for Korra during the difficult tribulation.

Also, his conversation with her will be the fire god Zuko intrigue. Now that the way has opened, it is possible for him to meet his uncle in person.

5 Bad decision: not everything in the spirit world is altruistic

As pleasant as the reunion with Iroh could be, there were less desirable souls within him who sought to claim the avatar’s life. One of them was Admiral Zhao, one of Aang’s first opponents, who was mad with the Fog of Lost Soul.

Given that it is possible to escape the fog (as Tenzin and his siblings did), it is for this reason that former adversaries may one day return to the mortal world so that it becomes a possibility. His insult makes him dangerous, which was hard to grin against those who had been defeating him for decades.

4 Great decision: defeat of Watu

One of the most serious issues about bringing souls into the human world was that many of them were mistreated. This was partly due to Vatu, whose insidious presence corrupted even the purest creatures and twisted them at will.

Now that both he (and Ulaka) have lost, such concern will not be for their new neighbors as well as those seeking to be present. Ironically, Korra’s decision to restore the spirit world was aligned with her uncle’s vision, albeit through a more liberal view.

3 Bad decisions: the difference between humans and spirits

Ideally as it would be for humans to live with their spiritual neighbors, there are many fundamental inequalities that make cohabitation difficult. Not only does their history permeate with centuries of conflict (as Van, the first incarnation originates), souls strive to live among nature while humans attempt to control it.

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In addition, some human practices (such as festivals of Varic) have been said to insult and disturb the fickle settlement of spirits. This would inevitably cause tension between the two, as neither specifically requested that their locations be merged to begin with.

2 Great Decision: Romantic Destination

After all Kuvira was defeated, Korra and Asami began to feel like an endless struggle. Avatar proposed that the two of them venture together into the spirit world, a proposal which was agreed upon by the new president of Future Industries.

It would be one of the most touching moments of the series, where theories about their relationship were finally realized. Ultimately, the access to the Spirit World provided a great opportunity to cultivate a beautiful new bond — and perhaps to meet Assamese once more — his father.

1 Bad decision: Kill super weapon

The presence of Spirit Wines enabled Kuvira to fashion a supervalence that had been conceived so far Avatar Universe. A single laser was able to prevent it from touching anything that devastated dozens of skyscrapers in a single beam and killed a Republic City outpost.

Should the world not have been merged, Kuvira would not have had access to such destructive technology, especially in the quantity he used. In this regard, Korra was partly responsible for the blinding of her home, as she provided a means for the metalbender to do so.

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