5 Anime Characters DIO Could Defeat (& 5 He’d Lose To)

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DIO was one of the strongest villains Jojo’s bizarre adventure The main antagonists of the series and parts one and three. An incredibly powerful stand user, he was able to stop the time for a full five seconds (and after mimicking Joseph Jostar’s blood, even longer).

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Although this makes him a threat to anyone who challenges his domination, his strength is not without his limitations. By matching DIOs against an assortment of different anime characters, we can make certain individuals powerful enough to take the malicious, vampire to his knees.

10 Can be defeated – Days Bonz (One Piece)

Daz Bonez (commonly referred to as Mr. One) is able to transform his entire body into a blade that he can manipulate at his will. This gives him the benefit of a massive durability and allows him to kill vampires with an attack of unexpected attacks.

However, the Baroque Works agent is only as strong as the material it is made out of, and strong enough to lift the DIO steamer. Therefore, should he stop time, he will be able to crush his body with a large object (if not rattling through it directly with his stand).

9 Will loose two – Bargan (bleach)

The second strongest Espada, Bairagon can withstand a naughty fog wherever it goes. This would continue even after the time had stopped, similar to how Joseph Joester’s Hammon remained a threat during his encounter against the DIO.

Typically, vampires prevented it by throwing projectiles at Espada. However, since Bairagon’s senescence also applies to inanimate objects, it will easily turn them into dust. As a result, the stand user has no real means of harming him – although this is not mutually applicable.

8 Beat – General Eugene (Sword Art Online)

General Eugene was one of the most capable players in Alfheim. He had the speed and power needed to keep up with Kirito, who in turn overcame the challenges that designers had made impossible (and DIO later assumes these characteristics).

However, he has no means to defend himself, the vampire must freeze time and destroy his head with a single decisive punch. Given that his head is unarmed, it will not provide protection the rest of his frame can afford.

7 Will Loose Two – Neferpitou (Hunter x Hunter)

Neferpitou was one of the royal watchmen of Merum and deadly in his death. They were able to heal through the power of Doctor Beliet, could only move at amazing speeds banged by the king himself, and even defeat Kite (one of the series’ most famous hunters) Managed, who killed dozens of chimera ants in a single trick).

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The DIO’s time to pause and wear out that it won’t be powerful enough to defeat them, as they survived (albeit briefly) the direct pun of an adult gon. After his ability has been exhausted, the royal guard will give him another chance to refresh him before capturing him.

6 Can Defeat – Eraserhead (My Hero Academia)

Eraserhead’s quirky would effectively allow the DIO’s time stopping capabilities and their access to their stand. This would give the pro-hero a better opportunity to defeat him – at least, more than his teammates.

However, the vampire is not exclusively dependent on his stand to achieve victory. He has enormous durability, regenerative qualities, inhuman physical strength, and carries weapons with him wherever he goes. With these qualities in mind, Aizwa could not be expected to defeat her before blinking.

5 Will Loose Two – Rohan Kishib (Jojo’s bizarre adventure)

One aspect of DIO’s personality is that he is quite arrogant. Since he would not know about Rohan’s abilities beforehand, it would make him quite unhappy to not use the power of his stand at the start of his fight.

The author only needs to present his work to the vampire in order to make his stand effective, leaving him unable to hold his opponent powerless. Kiyobi had caught her and started changing her beyond recognition, then DIO would only realize the important mistake she had made.

4 Beat – Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Spike Spiegel was one of the most steadfast and skilled bounty hunters in the galaxy. Using his intelligence and cunning, he stormed a syndicate compound and single-handedly wiped out many criminals. This was a remarkable demonstration of his proficiency with any weapon.

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However, even if the DIO decides not to use the ability of its stand, the world can catch bullets in the middle of the flight (similarly Star Platinum). This would negate any way to defeat the vampire that Spike could hope to use, especially given his opponent surprisingly.

3 Will Loose Two – Escaner (Seven Deadly Sins)

That seven-deadly-sin-escanor-with-holy-treasure

The pinnacle of humanity, Escaner’s strength and durability is dramatically beyond DIO’s own. He was able to dodge Ludosil’s unsympathetic attacks (could quickly see eyes) and even resisted Astrosa’s full counter (reflecting his strength against him).

During his duel with Meliodas, he also suffered a direct attack from the demon captain, whose strength was so great that it sidelined the ground on which he had stepped. It follows that the DIO cannot harm him meaningfully over time doing so, resulting in a sound defeat.

2 Beat – Pride (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Both Pride and DIO shared the same weakness for Prakash, saying that they are relatively similar. However, Vampire’s vulnerability is particularly specific to sunlight, while homunculus merges in the absence of darkness.

This stand will give the user a variety of avenues from which he will have to be defeated, especially if he is able to use his time by stopping his abilities to either throw him into the light or create his own fire. Furthermore, Pride’s ascendancy is limited to the fuel of his philosopher Stone, while DIO is indefinite. This gives him another great advantage in his fight.

1 Will Loose Two – Danzo Shimura (Naruto)

Danzo’s Izanagi will provide a tremendous advantage as it can offset the power of the world. After DIO used it to kill him, he could reset reality, surprising the vampire with a knife through a skull with a kunai.

Since Brando is particularly vulnerable to head attacks (since it will crush his brain), it follows that Shimura’s moves will be brutally effective. With the DIO having already turned his enemy into a corpse (performed through his battle against Joto Kujo), Shibobi’s trick would be sure to work.

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