30XX – Early Access is on a PC release date

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Game news 30XX – Early Access is on a PC release date

30XX, the co-op playable platformer from Batterystaple Games, returns to the forefront to announce the launch of its early access.

After Monstrum 2, it’s 30XX’s turn to unveil the launch date of its early access on Steam. Players will therefore be able to explore the different modes of this retro experience strongly inspired by the Mega Man saga from February 17.

Early Access has been hugely influential in turning 20XX into something special, and our team can’t wait to invite the community back into the process to help us reach new heights with 30XX. Fortunately, that time is not far away now, as we will be doing so precisely on February 17, 2021. Chris King, Founder of Batterystaple Games

This early access will come with several game modes, including Maker mode which allows players to create their own levels, but also Rogue-lite and Classic modes. These will obviously be playable in cooperation.

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