2021 Most Rewarding U.S. Tech Companies, Top 10 Startups (Glassdoor Survey) | GLM

2021 Most Rewarding U.S. Tech Companies, Top 10 Startups (Glassdoor Survey) | GLM

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In 2021, Glassdoor released its annual ranking of “Most Rewarding American Companies.” Among them, I selected the top 10 tech companies from large companies (with more than 1000 employees) and small and medium-sized companies.

The list of large companies is ranked based on the feedback of the employees who work there from companies with more than 1000 employees. At Glassdoor, employees evaluate the company by criteria such as CEO of the company, career opportunities, compensation and benefits, culture and values, and work-life balance. In order to rank in a large company, it is necessary to obtain 75 or more evaluations for each attribute. In the SME ranking, a company requires 75 or more evaluations.

Here are some of Glassdoor’s top 10 tech companies to work in the United States. In parentheses, the overall ranking and average employee evaluation of each company in the best 100 companies are listed.

The 10 best tech companies in 2021

1st place NVIDIA (Nvidia)[2nd place overall, 4.5 points] 2nd place HubSpot[4th overall, 4.5 points] 3rd place Google[6th overall, 4.5 points] 4th place Microsoft (Microsoft)[Overall 9th ​​place, 4.5 points] 5th place Facebook (Facebook)[11th overall, 4.4 points] 6th LinkedIn[13th overall, 4.4 points] 7th place DocuSign[15th overall, 4.4 points] 8th place KnowBe4[16th overall, 4.4 points] 9th Salesforce (Salesforce)[17th overall, 4.4 points] 10th place RingCentral[18th overall, 4.4 points]

And according to Glassdoor’s SME ranking, the top 10 tech startups to get a job in 2021 are:

The 10 best tech startups in 2021

1st place Ike[3rd place overall, 4.9 points] 2nd place Harness[6th overall, 4.9 points] 3rd place Lendio[8th overall, 4.9 points] 4th place Jobot[9th overall, 4.9 points] 5th place Lower[10thoverall4.9points] 6th place Orchard[16th place overall, 4.8 points] 7th place SimplrFlex[17th place overall, 4.8 points] 8th place Flockjay[21st overall, 4.8 points] 9th place Wonolo[24th place overall, 4.8 points] 10th place Thrasio[27th place overall, 4.8 points] [Note]Asana, which ranked 14th overall, is a public company and has been excluded from this list. Ping Identity is also excluded from this list as it has nearly 1000 employees and is arguably beyond the startup stage.

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