200 million euros in a digital wallet, only the password is missing

200 million euros in a digital wallet, only the password is missing

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Bitcoin to the value of 105 billion euros is said to be lost worldwide.Bitcoin to the value of 105 billion euros is said to be lost worldwide.

What happened to a German in the USA could easily be the template for a gripping thriller. Stefan Thomas is the name of the good man, based in San Francisco. It can hardly start any better, after all, one can hardly be called much German and many nerve-wracking hunts begin in the sunny west of the United States (via The New York Times).

Hunting is also the keyword, or actually hunting. Because Thomas is looking for the password for his digital wallet, his e-wallet. Believe it or not, there should be bitcoins on it with a value of almost 200 million euros.

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How did Thomas become a near-millionaire

Ten years ago, Thomas had produced a video about how cryptocurrencies work. He was rewarded for the work with an amount of 7,002 Bitcoin, which at the time should have been roughly equivalent to the value in US dollars.

As of today, the price for a single Bitcoin is over 30,000 euros, to be precise at 30,210 euros (at 8:00 on the morning of January 14, 2021). Reason enough to open your wallet and retrieve the treasure.

Bitcoin is currently on a record course.Bitcoin is currently on a record course.

Bitcoins are kept too safe: Unfortunately for Thomas, it’s not that easy. Because the bitcoins are not just in an e-wallet, but have been kept particularly secure in a multi-stage process.

In order to get the digital keys to his e-wallet, Thomas first needs the correct password for the so-called IronKey, a special hard drive on which he has stored the digital key. He had made a note of the password at the time, but lost it in the meantime.

The real problem is the IronKey. It only allows ten passwords to be entered before the data is encrypted forever and irretrievably in a James Bond style. And eight attempts have already been made, so there are only two left.

This in turn means that even professionals have too little room for maneuver, as they would ultimately have to resort to a brute force method, in other words: starting as many requests using a password list until the right one is there.

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20 percent of all bitcoins are missing

Incidentally, Thomas is unlikely to be alone in his fate of actually being a multimillionaire but not having access to it. As the New York Times reports, around 20 percent of all Bitcoins are “missing”, which is currently around 105 billion euros.

Neue Mining-Hardware: In order to mine crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you need powerful hardware. And at the moment the two rivals Nvidia and AMD compete more intensely than they have been for a long time:

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We are already trying to get in contact with Thomas to find out the current state of affairs. If that works, you can read it on GameStar.de as soon as possible.

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